Video Review: The Deele “Two Occasions”

During the day, Babyface, L.A. Reid, and Darnell stand by two white-painted columns near a courtyard. They turn to stare at a young woman sitting by her porch. She and the men dance.

Kevin and Carlos play their instruments within the gazebo.

They perform on the stairs leading to the backyard.

At night, the young woman dances in a white dress. In the afternoon, she dances on the stairs. A shadow of the young woman spins. In a white dress, she walks on the fountain in the gazebo at night.

It rotates from day and night while they perform in the gazebo. They disappear from the gazebo.

Rating: 3/5

Babyface paints the kitchen wall. Next to him, he sees the young woman laughing by the sink. He bends down and puts a dot of paint on her nose. They kiss. He closes the paint can. L.A. says he has to take off. Babyface thanks him for his help. Kevin says he got most of the bedroom done. He’ll be able to finish it tomorrow. Babyface asks him if he wants to get something to eat. Kevin says that’ll be great.

Kevin cuts up his chicken and asks about the young woman. Babyface says she hasn’t talked to her in a few weeks. He thinks of how much she’d like the fountain and to plant flowers in the garden. He moves his peas around on the plate. His head down, he says that he thought they’d be together by now. Kevin tells him that he was able to close on his first house and he should be proud of it. Babyface shrugs, replying it doesn’t matter since she isn’t there to share it with him.

Babyface pushes his cart in the grocery store. The young woman nearly bumps into him. He asks her how she’s doing. She says she’s doing okay and asks him about his house. He says it’s starting to feel like home. He asks if she would like to come to housewarming party. She says she would like to come. He writes down his new address and phone number. She puts the paper in her purse and tells him it was nice to run into him. He says he’s glad he ran into her and that he looks forwarding to seeing her.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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