Video Review: Zara Larsson “Don’t Worry Bout Me”

Lit sunrise orange, Zara Larsson walks to a glass box. A shirtless man follows her movements as he walks inside the glass box.

She walks down the hallway of a hotel and takes the elevator. She walks past the balcony and lies on the wooden floor. A young man touches her and a flash of lightning appears above her.

She dances in an empty pool. The young man, in a black outfit, views her through with his night vision. He watches as she walks up the steps, lighting striking her body.

A helicopter, in the night vision, flies as she dances on the landing pad. The young man shields his eyes from the lights as he walks up the steps. They pause to stare at one another. She puts her hands over her body. He touches her shoulder.

While walking into the lobby, the young man puts his hand on her shoulder. Lit in red, she dances in the glass box.

Back in sunrise orange, she watches as the glass box fills with smoke with the shirtless young man inside.

Rating: 2/5

Zara Larsson breathes in the fresh air. The claustrophobia of the hallway consumes her as she walks to the elevator. She presses the button and takes a deep breath as the door closes. She’ll be out of there soon. A helicopter will be arriving to pick her up.

Her boyfriend was downstairs, contained inside a glass box. She had seen him before he left. He was stripped of his clothes, drugged and confused as to where he was. He seemed to have some recollection of who she was. She showed no emotion towards him. Although she wanted to put her hand on the glass and tell him to get better. She walked away without a word.

She continues to feel his eyes and touch upon her as she dances in the hotel. While they were together, he hacked into her phone and read her text messages. He tracked her location using an app on his phone. She didn’t know exactly how he found her. It was jarring to see him walk in and wave. She had mumble to a quick lie to explain.

His parents apologize to her and tell they are going to get him help. She says she’s okay but advises them not to contact her again.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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