Video Review: Ella Henderson “Glow”

A group of friends run through the forest at night. A white glow flashes on the bark of the trees.

Ella Henderson stands in the field. The weeds blow in the wind.

Lit in eggplant, they walk together.

She shields her eyes from the light as she sits in her car.

Lit in emerald, a young woman sits on a swing. In mahogany, a second young woman smiles as she spins on the roundabout. Two of the young men pull the grocery cart as one of their friends sits in it. Lit in sunrise orange. they run in the street.

She leans against a wall.

They watch as several people park a car and walk towards them.

In the backseat, she stares at the lights strung from the trees.

Lit in eggplant, the group of friends dance in the field. In the morning, they continue to dance. Some of them sit on the car. They put their arms around one another and walk together. They stare at the buildings in the city.

Rating: 3/5

Staring at the buildings in the city, the group of friends pause as they stand together. The parties in the field have become fewer over the years. There were no current plans for the next party. No one knows what’s going to happen.

A young man had begun applying to colleges in the United States. A young woman isn’t sure what she wants to do and has planned a gap year. A couple of people in the group are joining her for a few months in the summer. Some have drifted from each other. Ella Henderson left first. She picked her playlist, danced in the field until the morning and never returned. She moved to the city on her own. Sometimes she drove past the field and thought of her friends but she continued to drive past. She had been ready to move forward.

Henderson didn’t speak much to them anymore, though. She visited the field sometimes. It had been a hard place to leave. She kissed her boyfriend while hanging out with her friends. During a campfire, she and her friends told their secrets to one another. She got drunk for the first time there and walked it off with her friends in the morning.

The field became a tradition after a friend’s breakdown. They needed a way to cope. They had visited the hospital and had been crying all day. They had put on some music and danced for hours on end. However, it seemed to be a reason to escape life. Henderson stared at the city one night and searched for an apartment the next day. She planned her exit within the month. On her final weekend, she hugged her friends and told them she loved them. It was her goodbye, although they didn’t know it. Some of her friends seemed to have picked up on it. However, but they didn’t want to admit to it. She misses them every day, though, and hopes to run into them in the city.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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