Video Review: Meek Mill & Drake “Going Bad”

At night, dozens of men in black business suits walk into an elegant office building, carrying their briefcases.

In the rain, a car speeds down the street.

Meek Mill and Drake stand in front of the men inside the building. T.I. glances at Drake while he counts using his fingers. Nipsey Hussle looks at them. Two men pointat each other while they argue.

Lit in aqua blue, Drake walks in the freezer.

Hussle, T.I. and the men walk up the stairs to the next floor.

Mill and Drake drive their cars towards one another. Pieces of metal fly into the air as they crash. A fire starts in the engine of Drake’s car.

Mill, Drake and the men watch a horserace on the television. One man spreads his money in his hands. Drake suggests “watch for watch.” Mill takes off his watch and puts it in the pile. Mill, Drake and some of the men sit a long, wooden table writing in notepads.

Lit in cornflower blue, a young woman lies on the floor.

Mill lights up a cigar at the long, wooden table.

A sheet covers some chairs and a table in the basement. Mill leans against the wall of the basement.

Drake holds onto his drink as he watches the horserace. Mill stands in the basement.

Rating: 4.5/5

The secretary knocks on the door in the conference room and puts a report in front of Meek Mill. She passes out copies to the men around the table. Mill thanks her and states they have the numbers to build a development in the city. Drake leans back in his chair, folding his hands, and explains that the getting past the millionaire businessmen is going to take some convincing.

Mill points to his muscle, saying “they can take care of it.” Nipsey Hussle says he can talk to the local leaders in the charity organizations. The people are worried they are going to be priced out of their homes. He says  he can get people to in front of council meetings to speak up. Drake tells him to create a team to help him.

Mill adjourns the meeting and tells Drake he needs to destroy something. Drake says he’ll get his car. As Mill gets into his car, he leaves his seatbelt to the side. He hits the pedal and reaches over 120 miles per hour. A fire burns in Drake’s car and Mill shakes at the wheel. Drake whoops and hollers as he rolls out of his car. He hits the passenger door of Mill’s car and directs him to get out. Drake runs over and asks Mill if he’s okay. Mill nods and says he’s rattled. Drake pats him on the back and hands him a drink. He says he has two cars in the back if he wants to go again. Mill tells him to hand him the keys. Every time he cheats death, it’s as though he becomes invincible with each try.

Director: Kid Art Year: 2019

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