Video Review: Belinda Carlisle “Leave A Light On”

Belinda Carlisle sits on the hood of her car in the desert.

In black-and-white, she stops at a telephone booth.

Wearing a black dress, she stands by some large spotlights inside a studio.

She drives through the desert. From her car, she views the blinking lights of the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wearing an off-shoulder olive top, she sings into a microphone. Her jacket around her arms, she sits on one of the rocks.

Back in black-and-white, she wears her jacket around her arms as she sings in the studio. The curtain blows behind her. She walks on the grain sand in the mountains.

In color, she passes Route 161 in the desert. Back in black-and-white, she leans against her car on the Las Vegas Strip. She performs under a tent while the sun sets.

Back in black-and-white, she leans against a wooden building. She make a call at the payphone and gets gas for her car.

At night, she leans against her car and fireworks go off by her. She rests her hand on her head as she drives through the traffic in Las Vegas. She passes the Glitter Gulch and Four Queens.

Back in black-and-white, she walks past a restaurant in Las Vegas and giggles.

In color, she leans against the window and leaves.

Rating: 3/5

Belinda Carlisle raises her glass of wine at the craps table to celebrate her win. She clinks her glass with several people sitting next to her. She says it was a good run and adds her chips into her bucket. She finds a seat at the slots and puts in some quarters. The jackpot siren sounds throughout the casino. She collects her coins as they fall onto the floor. There has to be a least $100,000 in her bucket. She walks to the register and cashes out.

While walking down the Las Vegas Strip, she passes a wedding chapel. She thinks of her boyfriend back home somewhere in Oregon. It was only six months ago she left him to be on her own. He had asked her what was wrong and that he would be there for her. She could only tell him that she needed some time to herself. For six years, they had been together. Signing her name on the deed, though, had cemented the idea that any life she had was over.

She wanted to immerse herself in a foreign country, learn the language and live there as a local. There were festivals she wanted to attend in every city throughout the United States. During the summer, she planned to take classes wherever she decided to live. There was so much she wanted to do.

He’d said he wait for her. However, as she fixes a flat tire, she realizes she’s able to handle things on her own. She had relied on him to help her with her checks and everyday chores, she forget she could figure it out by herself.

Director: Peter Care Year: 1989

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