Video Review: Billie Eilish “You Should See Me In A Crown (Version 2)”

In seafoam green, an animated male gender sign bumps its  elbow and tilts its head. Billie Eilish swishes her lavender hair upon the male gender pattern top and pant outfit. As she steps on the invisible floor, neon circles light up underneath her feet. The outlines of skyscrapers blend together behind her.

Against a seafoam background with male gender signs, Eilish continues to dance.

She walks to various husks of herself and touches a shoulder of one. She puts a navy blue sweatshirt with a multiple armed gender figure and dances on a spiderweb. She kneels down and views a city. Rainbow tulips in a garden open with a smile. Seafoam male gender signs walk on the street. The multiple armed gender figure strangles her and transforms her into a monstrous spider.

She crawls around the streets while the male gender figures run. She smashes some of the rainbow tulips. She chomps on some of the male gender figures. Pieces of them fall onto the ground. She vomits a pastel stream of water through the city. The surviving rainbow tulips frown and close. The multiple armed gender figures emerge from small pools of fire over the water. She sits on a pool of fire

Rating: 5/5

There husks rattled Billie Eilish. More than one version of herself was made. She moves her sleeves to find a defining mark. She taps her head, listening for a signal. Her parents call her cell phone. She texts that they are made up and programmed to care about her. She puts on the navy blue sweatshirt and dances.

She finds a spider and talks to it for a bit. She compliments the spider on the design of its web. The spider clicks its tongue at her and hushes her. She puts her head down and stomps on the spiderweb pattern. A bloodcurdling scream shatters some windows of the skyscrapers as she clutches her neck. A fatal switch was activated within her.

Staring at a city as a monstrous spider, she licks her lips at the tasty gender figures walking around. She swats at pure moon glowing in the night sky. It bounces on the streets. She screeches as she chokes one a gender figure. A helicopter flies over her and she opens her mouth. She covers her eyes from the blinding lights shining on her. Fluid pours into her eyes and she rubs it. She collapses onto the ground, unconscious.

Director: Takashi Murakami Year: 2019

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