Video Review: Logic “Everybody Dies”

Logic raps inside a slate gray industrial warehouse.

In black-and-white, an actress’ eyes are crossed out in x’s while she stands next to an actor in a movie. A white outline moves over another actress’ body in the second movie. A third actress’ eyes are x’d out as she looks out a window.

Two versions of Logic rap in the corners of the warehouse. A surveillance camera films him. Lit in orange, he looks out the window on the floor.

In black-and-white, an actor shoots a gun. A car flips over. Logic continues to rap in the warehouse.

Logic flexes his arm.

Back in black-and-white, x’s cross out his eyes.  A shootout occurs.

Logic stares into the surveillance camera.

Rating: 0/5

Next door, roofers grunt as they tear off pieces of the house and hammer. Logic leaves a message for his neighbor to have the crew arrive later in the morning. He complains in the voicemail that they woke him up at 6 a.m. and that he needs to be considerate.

Logic calls for takeout and waits for it to arrive at his door. The young man delivers the food to him and comments, “wow, bet you can’t even think!” Logic grabs his bag and closes the door on him. He calls to complain to the manager that his delivery boys need to shut up whenever they bring food.

He slams the door into the warehouse and screams. He releases the television from the ceiling and watches movies from the 1950s. His mouth full, he says “that’s when movies were good.” He pretends to shoot the gun and quotes the movie along with the actors. Security notifies him that some of his girlfriends are at the house. Logic shuts off the cameras and tells the security guard to let them inside.

Director: Mike Holland Year: 2018

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Pam Avoledo spends her time binge-watching classic teen dramas and stands firm in her pro-Leyton stance. She also received her journalism degree in 2006 from Oakland University. Her work has been published in the White Wall Review, Sledgehammer Lit ,Greatest City Collective, 45 Magazine ,Fevers of the Mind, Daily Drunk Mag\'s Kirstofia anthology. and forthcoming in Scrawl Place

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