Video Review: Take That “Back For Good”

In black-and-white, Gary drives into a parking lot of a stadium. Robbie, Jason, Howard, Mark and Jason run towards an outdoor shelter by the building in the downpour.

They walk in the parking lot and pause to let the cars pass.

They sit in the shelter and sing.

Jason, wearing an ear flap hat, tilts his head back as he leans against the car. Robbie, wearing sunglasses, raises his hands up in the air. Jason dances by the car. Howard lets his jacket drop to his shoulder and spins.

Rain soaks their faces and drips from their hats. Robbie closes his eyes and pushes his back.

Jason dances in front of a wall. Mark kicks his leg. Robbie swings his coat over his head. Howard claps.

Gary puts his head down as he sits in the shelter.

Rating: 4/5

Gary says he can’t see while he drives. Robbie leans over and brushes the steam away from the window. Gary tells Robbie he’s making him even more nervous. Robbie mumbles he was only trying to help. Jason says they should be near a stadium. Gary asks him to let him know when to turn.

Mark tells him he saw the blur of red and to stop. Jason points and says the entrance after the light. Gary slows down and stops the car. His hands shaking, he says he has to get out of the car for a while. Robbie, Jason, Mark and Howard run out to the shelter.

Gary shouts at them to be careful. Jason and Mark slide in the puddles. Gary sits at the end of the shelter and glances to the left and right. Robbie lies down and tells him they are going to be here for a while. Gary shakes his head and says they are going to be late. Jason gets out of his guitar and starts to play. Jason asks for Gary’s opinion. Gary hums and tells him it’s really good. Howard and Mark hum along. Robbie announces he’s bored.

Robbie dances by the car. Jason puts down his guitar and shouts that he’s coming. Gary says they are all going to get sick and stay in the shelter. Robbie, Jason, Mark and Howard dance by the car and get drenched. They return to the shelter. Gary shakes his head. Jason punches his arm and pushes him off the shelter. Gary tells him to stop. Mark remarks that the rain has started to slow. Gary gets his keys and says they have to get back on the road. Jason whispers to Robbie that Gary’s really uptight since his girlfriend broke up with him. Robbie raises his eyebrows and laughs. Robbie puts his arm around Gary and says he’s taking them to the bar. Gary sighs and says they don’t have time. Robbie takes the keys from Gary and runs to the driver’s side. Gary’s nostrils flare as he looks at Robbie smirking at him through the window and gets into the backseat.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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