Video Review: Charli XCX & Troye Sivan “1999 (Version 2)”

Within three squares, Charli XCX and Troye Sivan lean against a bathroom wall.The neon light rotates from pink and blue.

Charli XCX and Sivan talk in the dressing room. Charli XCX sings on stage.

Within the three squares, Sivan joins her on stage. Sivan puts his arm around Charli XCX and a friend in the dressing room. Lit in neon blue, Sivan slides against the wall. In the center square, he puts his arm by the wall.

He holds a rose. A bouquet of roses sits on the table. He looks into the mirror. Charli XCX puts her head on his shoulder as they sit in the dressing room.

Rating: 3/5

Charli XCX drinks some tea and texts Troye Sivan, sitting across from her in the cafeteria. Sivan bursts out into laughter. He forwards her a meme. Charli XCX guffaws and gives him a playful slap on the wrist. She says she’s trying to rest her voice. Sivan asks her how her vocal cords are doing. She tells her last doctor’s visit went well. She asks him about one of his friends. Sivan says they don’t talk anymore.

She tells him that she thought being famous would be the best thing in the world. She wanted to perform on every major stage in the world and be talked about magazines. However, it really messed her up for a while. It wasn’t really her. Sivan tells her he talked to his manager and he can stay on for a couple more shows. She mimes a squeal and gives him a hug.

Sivan says he hopes the acting pans out. He’s been auditioning and even pitching stories. However, the pitches keep getting rejected. Charli XCX says to give it time. Sivan doesn’t know when it’ll end and wants to find something else while he can. Charli XCX puts her pickle on his plate. He says “eww!” and flings it in her direction. She checks her phone and says it’s time to rehearse. Sivan gets her plate and puts it over his own. He throws it on the trash and leaves with her.

Director: Joachim Johnson Year: 2018

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