Video Review: Craig David “Hidden Agenda”

Craig David sits at the piano and looks through photos of his crush, Roselyn Sanchez in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, México.

From the balcony, she watches two little girls play a game.

David takes a boat ride on the Papaloapan River.

The clerk waves goodbye to her as she leaves the hotel. Two little girls run to give her a hug in the lobby.

David stands in the street.

She gives a little boy a kiss.

At the hotel, he talks with the clerk. The clerk makes a phone call.

Her boyfriend reaches over to open the car door for her and she gets inside. David walks down an alley. She holds his hand as they walk into a bar. In the alley, David walks past a couple kissing and puts his hand on a wall. At the bar, she pulls his arm towards her as he flirts with a young woman. She puts her hand over his mouth. Two men lean against the wall of the bar.

David plays a game of pool at the bar. He drives around the city. He says hello a sixtysomething woman sitting on her porch. A little girl stops to talk him while he sits in his car. A seventysomething smiles as he stands with his hand on his harp.

She catches her boyfriend dancing with another young woman. She calls him out and pushes him on the dancefloor. David looks around for her. She talks to a little girl outside the bar. David finds her and she gives him a hug. They dance in the street. She blows a kiss to the little as she leaves with David.

Rating: 3.5/5

Craig David rubs his crush’s shoulder as they swing in the hammock. She lifts her head up from her chest and asks if he wants to go boating. He says he it sounds like fun. As they walk, she apologizes for ignoring him. David tells her it’s okay. He knew he had to wait for her to realize it. She says she wasted most of the trip with him. He tells her they’ll make the most of the two days left.

She says she’s going to miss Mexico. Some of her family lives here and it was great to see them again. She hopes to find a place to stay during the summer. She says some of the little kids who say hi to her, she’s known she since they were babies. David asks if she plans to move to Mexico eventually. She says she’d like to but it depends on where she is in her life.

As they walk through Hidalgo Park and admire the orchids, she says she wants to create a garden. He puts his arm on his back and tells her they can go shopping for flowers. She says she’s been thinking of it but hasn’t been able to get to it. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her she can do whatever she wants now. She gives him a kiss and says she’ll have to meet her grandmother before they leave. Her grandmother makes the most delicious fish tacos. He scrunches his face. She says he’ll really like it. While they walk out, he surprises her with a necklace. She throws her arms around him and says it’s beautiful.

Director: Calabazitaz Year: 2003

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