Video Review: Iggy Azalea “Work”

Iggy Azalea walks, carrying a Givenchy handbag,  in the Mojave desert in Lancaster, California.

A bicycle and a pair of shoes burn at night. A tire, in flames, rolls by.

A twentysomething man in a white tank top and jeans leaning against a telephone booth turns to look at her. A fortysomething woman, holding a laundry basket, watches her as she hangs up clothes. A second twentysomething man smokes by an abandoned gas station. A twentysomething young woman sees her through the window of the diner while she wipes a table. A fortysomething man spits on the ground.

Wearing a glittery crop top and red hip-hugger pants, Azalea dances by the a burning swing set.

In a white mesh bikini, she dances by a Freightliner truck. Several women shake their butts by the truck.

She rides a bicycle through a trailer park. A thirtysomething carries a pail. A second twentysomething woman takes off her shirt. A fiftysomething couple sit on lawn chairs and watch her. She flexes her arms while two sixtysomething men sit on chairs. The second twentysomething man drinks a beer.

At a bar, she presses a button on the jukebox and gives a young man a lapdance. She takes the keys to his car. She and her friends run out of the bar. While sitting in the backseat of the convertible, she holds a sheet over her head.

She dances in the car as her friend drives through downtown Los Angeles. In the morning, she gets out of the car and walks on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in heels.

Rating: 3.5/5

Iggy Azalea counts her tips in the bathroom. She calcuates about another month before she can quit. She clocks out in the break room. She orders herself a bottle of beer and talks with a regular at the counter. A twentysomething man taps her on the shoulder and tells her she’s pretty. He says he heard a rumor that she likes to dance. Azalea eyes her boss while she takes a sip of her beer. She tells him that it’s not true, slips him a note and says she’s going to the bathroom.

She meets the man at a motel. She gives him a lapdance and sleeps with him. As he sleeps, she takes some money out of his wallet and shoves it in purse. She walks back home to her trailer. Around noon, she gets a call from her neighbor next door. She and her neighbor smoke marijuana to pass time during the afternoon. She buys herself a bag from him and tells him goodbye. She rides her bicycle to the bank and deposits her tips. She asks for a current balance. The amount on the bottom on the slip was far more than she thought.

She sews sequins on her bras and tries on a pair of homemade jeans. She takes some packages to the post office and waits at the bus stop. While staying at a friend’s house, he introduces her to an actor friend of his. She and the actor hang out and he invites her some parties. A producer slaps her on the butt and she smiles. She says she knows all about him. She makes out with him and he gives a part on one of his television shows.

With her first paycheck, she heads to West Hollywood Christian Louboutin store. A sales clerk asks how she can help her. She says she’s looking for a pair of shoes and shows him the picture on her phone. He says he’ll check to see if it’s in stock. She crosses her legs as she sits on the cushioned chair. In her purse, she takes out her Screen Actors Guild card and grins. The card was her entry into anyplace she ever wanted.

Directors: Jonas & Francois Year: 2013

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