Video Review: Blu Cantrell “Hit ‘Em Upstyle (Oops!)”

Blu Cantrell drives her convertible down the street. A thirtysomething takes a picture of her with his camera from the window as she drives.

The valet opens her door as she enters the parking structure at the mall. She walks into Neiman Marcus and gives the cashier a credit card. Other cashiers help pack her clothes into handle bags. She signs on the pad. People dance with her in the jewelry department.

Her friends sing along and dance in the backseat of the car.

She throws her boyfriend’s clothes over the balcony. In the driveway, she holds a garage sale and sells the furniture. A moving company helps people bring it to their homes. She counts the money she made from the sale.

She sits on a teal couch in her home.

In the closet, she tosses out his clothes. She buys a necklace and throws it to one of her friends. Movers take out the furniture in his home. Back at the store, she tries on a pair of sunglasses and spritzes perfume on her neck. She takes all his watches out of the drawers.

She stands by the pool.

Her boyfriend parks his sports car in the driveway. He gives her a kiss on the cheek as she sits on the aqua chair.

Rating: 3.5/5

The receipt left on the table at her boyfriend’s house was for a diamond ring from Neiman Marcus. Blu Cantrell never received it. She delved further and checked his cell phone. There was a strange phone number on with no name attached to it. She called up the phone number and it was a young woman who answered.

Neiman Marcus was a store she couldn’t afford. Passing by the luxury mall, she glanced at the women in their stylish yoga pants, drinking their from water bottles, wheeling their baby around in their reclining strollers. She walks into the store and buys several designer tops. She adds some jewelry and handbags to her purchase. The personal shopper assigned to her asks her if she would like some coffer or some wine. She says she’ll have some wine. The cashier stumbles as she says the credit card has been declined. Cantrell gives her another one.

Back at his house, she throws away the bills and calls each company with a change of address. She sells his collection of watches online. She holds a garage sale with the furniture he had in storage. With the money she made, she treats herself and her best friends to a trip to Europe.

While out to dinner, he gives the server 7 credit cards to try. Each one is declined. He apologizes to his girlfriend, who puts her hand over her face. She tells him she wants to go now and forget it. She calls him a liar and that he knows about his girlfriend. Her boyfriend tells his second girlfriend that she’s one he truly loves. She’s from a well-connected family and that his other girlfriend was a fling. She shakes her head and calls him trash. She throws the engagement ring at him and says it’s over.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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