Video Review: Calvin Harris & Kelis “Bounce”

As a siren wails in a Las Vegas Nevada neighborhood, a young woman points her finger and says “Max! Max! Get out!” Max (AJ English) tells her to “relax.” She shouts “don’t tell me to relax!” and continues “you’ve got something to say to me!” He holds up a necklace as she says “you’re just going to stand there!” He shakes his head and catches a tennis ball in his hand.

Listening to headphones, he walks back to his home. Taking off his shirt, he sits on the bed. He changes his clothes and leaves the house. Wearing his headphones, he greets his friends and joins them as they dance outside their home. He climbs the fence and cleans his sneakers. He leaps on his friend’s back as they walk in the city.

He and his friends talk with a sixtysomething couple on the street. He dances in a parking structure.

While the sun sets, Kelis films a music video. He walks onto the set and dances behind her. The director tells him to leave. He talks with some people on the skywalk and glances at the building while he takes the escalator. On the Las Vegas Strip, he talks with an Elvis impersonator and takes a picture with him. As he walks, he stares at a second young woman. He trades his watch and walks inside a hotel room.

He takes off his shirt and dances with a third young woman. He and the third young woman make out in the bathroom.

Lit in electic blue, he drinks as he dances during Calvin Harris’ set. He puts his hands over his head and stares at the second young woman. They dance. He sleeps by the exit of the monorail.

Rating: 5/5

A cat licks the young man’s face as he sleeps. He opens his eyes and the cat jumps off him. Looking at his wrist, he realizes he no longer has his watch. He picks up the dollar bills and change by him and gets up. Listening to his headphones, he begins the walk home.

He rubs his forehead and vomits in a trash can outside the casino. A showgirl dancer, leaving her shift, asks if he’s all right. He asks for a glass of water. She puts his hand on his back and leads him back into the casino. She asks the hotel clerk to give her a wet wash cloth and tells him to lie down on the couch.  She stays him with him for an hour while he rests. She lifts up a bucket whenever he dry heaves. He asks how long she’s been working on the Strip. She says about three years. He apologizes for making her stay at her job. She says it’s no big deal and asks where he’s staying. He answers he lives in the suburbs. She says she’ll find him bus information.

She walks with him to the bus stop. He tells he feels much better. She pats him on the shoulder and says he was a little hungover. He puts his hand over his face and apologizes for getting her shirt dirty. She explains he is nothing compared to five drunk women who left the buffet one afternoon. She says she had to put in for a new costume and reschedule her shift. He winces. The bus arrives and she tells him to get some sleep. He thanks her for her help and gets on the bus.

Director: Vincent Haycock & AG Rojas Year: 2011

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