Video Review: Logan Henderson “End of the World”

Logan Henderson sits on the edge of the bed while clothes are thrown at a suitcase. His girlfriend walks over the suitcase and yells at him. He gets up from the bed and knocks on the bathroom door. He opens the door and shields his eyes from the sun.

He sees her standing on the rotting field and starts walking around.

She stares up at him while he stands up on the couch. She kicks him down with her foot. He teaches her how to play piano.

He stands on a cliff and glances down at the ground below. She walks away from him and he runs towards her by the cliff. In the evening, they stand on the cliff together and hug. Candles sit on the rock.

In the family room, they sit at a table decorated with candles. He drinks a glass of wine in the kitchen. They dance together in the kitchen.

They hold hands on the cliff and stare at the rotting field.

In the evening, he walks to her as she stands by the window.

Rating: 2.5/5

Logan Henderson sits in the kitchen, eating cereal for dinner. He glances at the bathroom door every so often. His girlfriend has been in there for an hour. He tried to get her to open the door but she told him to leave her alone. In the drawer, he gets out a deck of cards and plays Solitaire.

The knob turns and he looks up to see her walk into the kitchen, her eyes puffy and red. She sits down next to him and puts her hand on her cheek. He offers to make her something to eat. She says she doesn’t want anything. He opens a cabinet and make some popcorn in the microwave. Sitting back at the table, he puts the bowl in the center. She takes a few kernels at a time. He puts his hand on hers and asks her not to leave. With her head down, she says she doesn’t want to go.

He lights up candles in the family room and puts on music. He asks her to dance with him. She rests her head on his shoulder. She whispers to him that she isn’t sure about anything. He gives her a kiss and says neither is he. However, he is here for her. She gives him a small smile.

Director: Robert Quaintance Year: 2019

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