Video Review: Charlene “I’ve Never Been To Me”

Charlene, wearing a white dress, stands and waves on the driveway of her mansion. She walks back to her house. She holds onto the railing as she walks up the stairs. From the second floor family room, she looks out the window. She sits on the couch and holds a letter in her hand.

She walks by the window on the first floor. In the backyard, she walks down the stairs. She talks in a framed oval. In her bedroom, she drinks some tea. She opens her journal and takes out her pen.

Rating: 2/5

There was the affair with the Prince of Denmark. It had landed Charlene in a tabloid. The Queen had given her a lecture that she was never going to be a royal. The Prince had promised to keep her in his heart. She told him to forget her. She was only 19 and recently dropped out of college.

She was kicked out a series of bars in Greece in one summer as she dealt with a breakup. While working as a camp counselor in France, she became friends with a Hollywood celebrity. She attended Hollywood premieres and dated some actors. She recorded a pop song that became a hit in Germany. She traveled to Germany to promote and slept with male groupies. The German tabloids were asking what happened to her. She was hiding in a hospital, recovering from an abortion.

Back in the United States, she paid back the record company by working as a server in a New York diner. A familiar Wall Street executive recognized her and invited her out to his villa in Italy. They had a quick marriage in Milan, Italy. Three months later, he passed of a heart attack. His family contested the will, which left everything in her name. They noticed her baby bump and gasped. She told them they can’t abandon the child. The judge ruled in favor of his children. She gave up her only daughter for adoption and entered rehab a year later.

Around 30 years old, she had a mental break after learning the Prince of Denmark had died and was hospitalized for three months. She returned home and lived with her parents. Her parents assured her she didn’t have to work. The Prince had willed her a fortune. In his will, he had said she wanted her to live a comfortable life and never worry again.

One of her friend’s daughters tells her she has lived such an exciting life. Her friend’s daughter says she’s planning on traveling for the rest of her life. She isn’t going to live in one place for too long and says she wants a Spainsh lover. Charlene explains to her she’s unable to have children due to some poor decisions. She lost time drinking and not knowing where she was. By 30, she was broke and couldn’t function. She tells her to get an education and find a lovely husband while she’s taking classes. It’s what she wishes she would’ve done

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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