Video Review: Kodak Black & Lil Pump “Gnarly”

In black-and-white, Kodak Black drives his car through his suburban neighborhood circa 1950. An American flag waves in the air as it hangs from the pole. Lil Pump dances by Black’s car.

Black puts his jacket over his shoulder and waves to his neighbor. He walks into his house. A sign says “Welcome to the Kapris.” Black hugs his wife as she washes dishes.

Black and Lil Pump dance by his car.

Black reads the newspaper at the kitchen table. His fortysomething Caucausian neighbor hides in bushes and watches with his binoculars.

The milkman knocks on Black’s door. He answers it and pays the milkman. The fortysomething man mows his lawn and trips. He gets up and brushes off his pants.

His wife brings a bowl of popcorn into the family room and sits next to him. They watch cartoons on television. She turns her head to the door. She holds his hand as they walk towards the door. On television, Lil Pump dances.

Lit in electric blue, Lil Pump dances as he sits in bed during a party. Lil Pump dances by book shelves in the library. Lil Pump sits on the floor while several women have a pillow fight. Black dances with the women and smiles as he gets knocked down during the pillow fight.

Back in black-and-white, his wife feeds him popcorn as they watch television.

Rating: 1.5/5

The police knock on Kodak Black’s door. They ask to talk to the owner of the house. Black responds that it’s him. The police officer says he received a call of a disturbance coming from the residence. He apologizes for the ruckus and says he’ll tell his wife to turn the volume down on the record player.

Black’s wife asks what was going on. Black rubs his wife’s back and tells it’s nothing to worry about, just the police doing their jobs. He suggests turning the music off and watching television. She says that it’s the second time they’ve by this week. She thinks maybe they should move back home. Black nods, saying he’ll think about it. The neighborhood doesn’t seem as safe as they thought.

Black’s wife sends over a pie to the fortysomething Caucausian neighbor’s house. He comments that he didn’t realize that she was so well-spoken. She thanks him and tells him she made the cherry pie homemade. He winks it at her and he’ll dig into it tonight. She invites him over to dinner. He touches her arm and say he’ll be delighted. She smiles and says they’ll plan an evening together.

Director: JD Films Year: 2018

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