Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Red Blooded Woman”

Cars speed by on the overpass in Los Angeles, California. Kylie Minogue touches her steering wheel while she sits in a traffic jam on the freeway. Two twentysomething men argue in the middle of a lane. She gets out of the car and shuts the door with her hips. She walks in the middle of the lane. Men watch her as she dances by the semi-truck.

She jumps off the semi-truck and continues to walk. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees two dogs leap out of a car and run to her. She finds a friend’s car and changes in the backseat. A twentysomething man adjusts his mirror as he watches.

Wearing a shredded blush pink dress with a black bra, she performs in a club.

In the evening, she walks out of the car in the scarlet dress. She checks out two men as she passes by them. Opening the door of the semi-truck, she gets inside and sits in the back. Lit in red, she dances in the small space in a black bra and patterned leggings. She gets out of the semi-truck and dances in front of it. Two men on motorcycles circle her. She dances on top of her car.

She continues to perform at the club.

Rating: 4/5

Kylie Minogue listens to the DJ give the traffic report. She says another accident has occured on the freeway and advises people to find another route. Minogue puts her car in park and rests her leg on the seat. The first accident already delayed her commute by 45 minutes. Some people, though, have gotten out of the cars to get gas. A fortysomething man accuses a young man of mocking him right next to her.

Her leg falls asleep and she shakes it. She decides to get out and walk to her friend’s car.  An emergency vehicle rushes by the first lane. She moves her shoulders  from the music playing in the cars and dances by a semi-truck. Aware of the mens’ gaze upon her, she jumps off and continues to walk.

Finding her friend’s car, she changes in the backseat. She comments to her friend that there are a lot of perverts and gives her a friend a blanket. Her friend covers the front seat. One of the men turns his head away. Her friend says she thought she saw him on his phone. Minogue pulls the blanket and climbs into the front seat. Her friend says once traffic begins moving again, she’s getting off at the exit. Minogue tells she has no choice but to stay. She’s stuck in the third lane.

As she walks back to her car, the semi-truck driver asks where she’s going. She says she’s performing tonight and can’t miss the the show. He offers to take her there. She sits in the backseat as he takes the exit and drives her to the club.

She invites him to her show. He says he can stay a little while. Her dancers say she can’t believe she made it. Minogue buys the semi-truck driver a drink and tells him to enjoy the show.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2004

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