Video Review: Fifth Harmony & Kid Ink “Worth It”

In Hong Kong, China, Camila, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Normani and Lauren walk past a row of men at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. They dance by the Exchange as the ticker rolls out the information.

A Newton’s Cradle swings.

In a lime-green lit room, Kid Ink sits on a couch with two women inside an office.

Dinah Jane lies on her desk her in an office. A young man shines her shoes. Normani stands up at her desk. Her male co-worker holds onto measuring tape. Camila shakes her butt while holding a golf club. Her male co-worker place a ball on the tee. Ally Brooke dictates financial numbers to her assistant, who keys them into the machine. Lauren sits in the backseat of the car while her driver waits for permission to leave. Ally Brooke sits on her assistant’s desk.

They continue to perform by the Exchange.

Rating: 3.5/5

Camila rings the bell, signaling the start of the day at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The CEO shakes her hand. Dinah Jane asks the CEO if the event room is ready for the company meeting. The CEO says he’ll check for her. Ally Brooke excuses herself to talk with a client on her cell phone. Lauren receives the okay to let the employees inside to the event room. Normani talks with the IT people to fix an error on the computer.

Dinah Jane welcomes everyone to their company’s first global meeting. She says they are going to outline the company’s growth and expectations for the year. Some employees in the United States report they can’t hear her. Normani announces the IT team is working on it and the slides should be up shortly.  Dinah Jane hands off the meeting to Ally Brooke, who highlights the profit the company made. She says they are trying to find affordable insurance for their employees. Lauren mentions they are currently in the process of finalizing contracts with new clients. The respective offices will be receiving notifications once everything is signed. Camila ends the meeting by talking about the company’s new ad which will be featured online and on television shows. She presents them a finished ad that will be on the air after the meeting.

Lauren wasn’t going to back down. They had worked themselves to the bone for two years trying to their company off the ground. Normani almost quit. Ally Brooke was working a part-time job on the weekend and looking for full-time work. Camila had written the grant, which had netted the company $25,000. The $25,000 allowed them to advertise consistently and build their fledgling audience. They had turned a profit within the middle of the third year. The local newspapers started covering them and profiling their business. Investors saw potential in them and started contributing to the company. They were being asked to speak at national conferences. Their company had gone public after succeeding for 5 years. The international market was asking for their products. Dinah Jane had negotiated deals to expand their business. They were the unexpected Cinderella story. Lauren, however, always said in interviews, that she knew it was going to be big.

Director: Cameron Duddy Year: 2015

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