Video Review: Little Big Town “The Daughters”

A young women dances by herself in a gym. Karen, Kimberly, Jimi and Phillip perform in the gym alone.

In 1955, a teacher leads an etiquette class in the high school gym. The book from the second young’s woman head drops into her hands. The teacher criticizes her.

Several female dancers join Little Big Town in the gym.

As she sits in her seat, she looks to her classmates, who smile without question. She puts on a smile. After class, she runs between two buses in the parking lot and the field. She looks down as she folds her hands at her stomach as she sits in the chair during class. She looks at herself in her compact mirror and her teacher tells her to leave class. She wipes her face in the bathroom.

In 1984, the daughter of the second young woman cheers for the boys’ high school basketball team. The basketball rolls towards her and she stops it with her foot. She puts down her silver pom poms and picks up the basketball. In the driveway, her boyfriend teaches her how to play basketball. She scores a three pointer and walks back out of the gym.

In 2019, the daughter of the third young woman dresses in the locker room. The cheerleaders walk past her. In a red jersey and shorts, someone hands her a basketball. She smiles.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman smiles as she holds up her Most Valuable Player trophy. Her three pointer, considered a long shot, helped win the game in the final minutes. It earned them a spot to the State playoffs. The teams in the playoffs anticipated her three-pointers and blocked her at every turn. She was able to get a few unlikely shots off, which often changed the game. Her teammates wanted to maintain the lead while it left her opponents stumped. For the second time in two years, they won State title.

Her mother claps for her at the table. She smiles at her mother while she stands at the podium. As a child, her mother took her to basketball games. They cheered on their favorite team, the Detroit Pistons and debated statistics at the dinner table. Her mother told her she was talented and encouraged her to try out. She explained that as a teenager, back in 1984, she had done what was expected of her: be a cheerleader, focus on her makeup and avoid math classes. She says she walked off the cheer team after realizing she could’ve been a basketball player instead. However, it was senior year and she had lost time.

The young woman thinks of her grandmother. Her grandmother had been soft-spoken. However, she had stood up for herself. Back in high school, she was kicked out of an etiquette class. She had been grounded by her parents as a result. By 20 years old, she had married her high school sweetheart and was pregnant with her first child. Her grandmother had wanted more, though. The marriage had only lasted a few years. She had worked as a secretary at a law firm and taken night classes at the community college. She joined her daughter at the college and earned her Bachelor’s degree. In the 1990s, she opened her own law firm and become one of the state’s most respected attorneys. The young woman whispers to her mom that she has to take the trophy to the nursing home. Although her grandmother won’t remember her name, she wants her to see it.

Director: Dano Cerny Year: 2019

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