Video Review: Jennifer Lopez & French Montana “Medicine”

A female fire breather, waves two torches in the white gazebo. Two female twins, wearing white gowns, stand in the gazebo. A bodybuilder, in a white bikini, lifts up clear barbells. Jennifer Lopez sits in a booth, her hands around a crystal ball.

She and several young women sit on the crystal white horses on the Pretty Little Thing carousel.

Men line up to hear their Lopez tell their fortune. A young woman twirls on a ring. Lopez stands in the center of the carousel. She takes pictures of herself on her cell phone. She walks black and white squares on the runway wearing a David Koma dress.

Three young women swing on pole with spotlights on them.

Wearing a sequined mask, she dances in a room of puffy white columns.

A young woman plays the harp with a single spotlight on her. A group of women sit at white pianos. Lopez swings on a pole in the center and crawls on the floor.

French Montana stands in the gazebo. He holds his head in his hand.

Lopez continues to dance on the carousel.

Rating: 5/5

Jennifer Lopez holds onto the crystal ball and views the young man smoking a cigar in a business suit. He talks to a young woman in a fringed cocktail dress. She tells he’ll meet the love of his life during a prosperous time in his life. He asks her to hear more. She views the young man speaking with a mustachioed man in a suit carrying a gun. She advises the man it’ll be another $100. He puts the money on the counter. She says that he’ll meet unsavory characters who’ll try to take him down another dangerous path. He takes out $500 and says he wants to know his entire life. She slides the money back to him and tells him she has already told him too much.

On her break, Lopez sips her champagne. The female acrobat, wearing a diamond studded suit, orders her lunch on the train. Lopez says some of the men’s futures frightened her today. The acrobat says she prefers not knowing what’ll happen to her. Lopez looks down. The acrobat still has to change her fate.

Lopez attends a fashion event in New York City. The designer pulls her aside and says she believes her. The general public sees her a charlatan. However, the designer has heard stories and tells Lopez she needs to know about her own. Lopez says they can schedule a private session.

As the carnival closes for the evening, she and the acrobats and dancers ride on the carousel. The acrobats stretch their legs while the dancers stand still. No one says a word as they turn in circles. For at least five minutes, they can hide and no one can see what they are doing. Lopez, like the others, though, prefer to stare right ahead. They have seen millionaire drunks try to live out salacious fantasies and call 911 for one of those guests, who overindulged on their selection of medicine.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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