Video Review: Bryce Vine & YG “La La Land”

In black-and-white, a stylist puts makeup on a young woman’s (Melanie Iglesias) face as she sits on a chair. Across from her, Bryce Vine watches a stylist brushes off his jacket. A dog sleeps in the young woman’s lap. The producer snaps the clapboard.

In color, a server walks up to them and places two cups of coffee on the table. The young woman and Vine talk. Rotating between color and black-and-white, she gets up from the table, leaving her purse on the chair. He picks it up and gives it to her as she walks in downtown Hollywood, California.

Lit in corn yellow, they hold hands as they walk to a restaurant. While sitting at a table, they take two gummi bears off the tray and eat them.

Back in black-and-white, he sits in a convertible. The assistant snaps the clapboard. In color, she sits in the passenger with him as he drives through Los Angeles. He stands in the studio, his hands in his pockets and stares up at the ceiling. He gets out of the car.

YG gets out of the car and dances. A second young woman dances by the hood.

At the restaurant, a third young woman blows a kiss as her masquerade mask contorts. Vine’s glasses fly off his face and he sees the female bartender’s face bend. The assistant snaps the clapboard and they leave. Vine says hello to YG as he stands by the car.

Vine relaxes by the pool. He stands up and puts his arms around the young woman.

The assistant snaps the clapboard. A crew member cleans the car and Vine gives his necklace to the costume designer.

Rating: 2/5

Bryce Vine replies to direct message from a fashion influencer on Instagram. She tells him she’s a huge fan and wants to know if he can hang out sometime. He checks out her profile. He liked a series of her photos. She was featured in a few ads online for Vogue.

On their date, she brings her dog with her. She says she idolizes the celebrities from 2005 and says it was a golden era. She says she was starting to build her brand while her mom worked from home. She tags him in her Instastories and his follower count grows.

Walking in Hollywood, he puts her hand on her back as he accompanies her to a photo shoot. He listens in the background as a reporter asks her if she’s single. She mention she’s dating up and coming singer. The reporter asks what he’s like. She says it’s a private matter.

At dinner, she tells him he’ll get used to living in Los Angeles and that it’ll happen for him. He says he has prepared himself just in case. There are some days, he believes he’s going to be a star and then he looks at his views. She pats his hand and waves over a fan. She introduces him as her boyfriend and signs the fan’s autograph. She pats him on the hand and says he can be in as many of her posts as he wants. But, he adds, he might have to do some sponsored ones on occasion. He nods and takes a bite of his food.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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