Video Review: Everything But The Girl “Wrong”

Tracey walks to a door in an apartment building. She turns the key and opens the door. As she walks into the room, she becomes sheer and multiplies. Ben kneels on the floor and watches the multiple versions of her pass by. She sits on a burning leather couch. Through the steel window, Ben stares at her.

Ben sits on the floor. People dance within the walls. Their multiples sit on the couch and walk around the room. Ben sits on a table. Tracey and Ben blend into one another as they sit on a leather chair. Tracey picks up the remote control while a mini television plays on the floor.

Within the television, blended versions of Ben and Tracey sit on a bench. The multiple versions of Tracy get up from the couch and follow each other into another room.

Two friends talk to one another, their multiples reacting to the conversation. Chartreuse reels of Tracey and Ben fall into a wooden box. Tracey leans against the box. A group of people lie on the bed. A young woman sits with her boyfriend on the chair while multiple versions of herself dance.

Tracey and Ben stand in the elevator.

Rating: 1/5

Ben says he’s going to stay and then turns his head as he sits on couch. Tracey tries to meet his eyes but he watches the television. As she looks up, she sees a version of herself holding him and laughing. It was the first version of them, back before their history became complicated and riddled with harmful words.

She sees the second version of themselves, playing a game on the floor. They were trying to reconnect. He had rescued a game from his parents’ basement and had said they had to play. While on the floor, she winced as she gave an incorrect answer. A second version of herself says the correct answer and celebrates the win.

They had begun to sit on opposite ends of the couch as they formed into the third version of themselves. He chatted through her television show. The second version of herself blinks back tears. She continues with the conversation although she really wants to tell him to be quiet.

By version four, she sat on the couch, saving a spot for him as he sat on the floor. Sometime, he talked on the phone. Usually, he grabbed a blanket and pillow. He stared at the television and turns the channel during her favorite show. She says she’s tired and gets up from the couch. All versions of herself follow.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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