Video Review: Ryan Cabrera “On The Way Down”

Ryan Cabrera walks on the ledge of a concrete wall. He plays guitar on the rooftop of a building. He falls off the ledge.

He performs at the bar. A young woman (Ashlee Simpson) listens behind the counter. She takes an order from a twentysomething young woman. Shaking her hips, she fills the glass with beer.

He climbs over the wall and plays air guitar on the ledge.

Outside the bar, they give each other piggyback rides.

As he plays at the bar, he sees three women at a table, putting on lipstick. She serves three more drinks and steals a cherry. She pops it in her mouth as she watches him play.

While he plays by a tree, the young woman leans into him and smiles. She plays with his spiked hair. He teaches her the chords.

She holds a tray and watches him. A twentysomething man taps her on the shoulder and she gives him his glass of beer. He picks up his guitar and stares at her while she puts the chairs on the tables. They kiss.

Rating: 3/5

Ryan Cabrera orders a beer from the young woman on his break. She blushes as she gives him his drink. He tells they are really crowded tonight. She explains they are here for him. He gives her a small smile and tells her they are looking for an excuse to get out of the house. She leans on the counter and says likes the song about being alone. She can relate to it. He says he doesn’t know how much he’ll be performing in the bar. She gasps and asks him why. Sipping his beer, he says his manager lined up a tour for him. She tells him congratulations. He says he should get back out there.

As he performs on stage, she dances as she serves the customers. She stuffs her tips in the pocket of her jeans and rolls her eyes at the twentysomething women in cocktail dresses in the front row. They snap their fingers at her and complain about their half empty drinks. She overhears them as they talk about which band member they like the most. She slams the drink on the woman’s table, who says she’s going to bed Cabrera in the dressing room.

While she cleans the counter, she sees the twentysomething women crowd the band. Two women hang over Cabrera. She looks down as they follow the band backstage. Her co-worker says all the performers are the same, even the nice ones. She nods, she shouldn’t have known better than to have gotten attached.

She picks up the last chair in the bar, waiting for him to leave. However, he stays by the stage. Avoiding his steady gaze, she walks back to the counter. He picks up his guitar case and tells her to wait. He says it’ll only be a few weeks. However, they still have time to be together. He asks for one chance. She puts her hands on his shoulder and he kisses her. He whispers to her that she can let herself fall for him.

Director: N/A Year: 2004



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