Video Review: Pebbles “Mercedes Boy”

A young man dances in a studio. In a white t-shirt and jeans, he waves his jacket around his arm as he dances by a graffitied I Heart Texas wall. Lit in orange, he throws his jacket on the sidewalk as he dances by a building.

Wearing a white strapless dress, Pebbles snaps her fingers while she sings at the microphone. In a lace mesh dress, she looks over her shoulder as she turns around in the shoulder. A yellow curtain hangs in the background as she sings into a microphone, wearing a carmine dress.

Pebbles drives her Mercedes in the city. She walks on the sidewalk and stares at the young man across the street. The young man does a double take once he sees her.

Two background singers join her as she sings inside her home.

Wearing a suit, the young man walks on a runway.

The background singers dance side by side Pebbles in the studio. The background singers walk on the runway. They dance next to her by the yellow curtain. Pebbles walks on the runway in a white, strapless dress.

She slows down her car and picks up the young man. She puts on her sunglasses and drives off.

Rating: 3/5

Pebbles puts on her Chanel bracelet and stands in her walk-in closet. She chooses  a black hat from the accessories section. On the intercom, the maid lets her know breakfast is ready. She presses the button and says she’ll be downstairs in about five minutes.

Sitting at the breakfast table, she eats the scrambled eggs as she reads the newspaper. She tears out of the business section and puts a note on it for her maid to save it. She tells her maid she’ll be gone for most of the afternoon.

As she drives, she searches for the building on sale. It would be a good investment of her portfolio. She parks in the structure and sees a young man standing by the graffited wall. She walks over to him and asks if the I Heart Texas was his work. He answers no but he was reporting on the local graffitied areas of the city. She discusses current events with him and discovers they have some mutual friends in common. He asks her if she would like to provide a quote for one of his stories. She says she’d love to talk to him. However, she has to get home. He says they can do the interview at her house.

In her Mercedes, he puts his hand on hers as she drives. She stares right ahead and pulls into her driveway without saying a word. She instructs security to open the gate and tells him to wait for her in the kitchen. She informs security of the young man’s name. She changes into a lacy dress in her bedroom. She returns to the kitchen and says she’s ready to talk.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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