Video Review: Silk City & Daniel Merriweather “Only Can Get Better”

Mark Ronson and Diplo walk in the city around midnight. A pink and scarlet red neon sign says Silk City. Scattered flyers advertising a Silk City show hang on the wall. They walk into the barred backdoor of a club.

As a disco ball spins at a club, a twentysomething woman waves a fan as she dances. Ronson and Diplo say hello the club owners. A second twentysomething woman, wearing a Clueless shirt and glasses, dances. Ronson and Diplo perform at the booth.

Ronson and Diplo listen to one of their songs in the recording studio. Ronson makes some suggestions.

They wear Silk City jackets as they perform in concert. People wave their arms back and forth. Diplo stands on the table and dances.

A red pair of neon lips hangs inside the club. Multi-colored streaks of paint smudge and create outlines of people as they dance. A video of people dancing plays on a row of small televisions. Lit in ruby red, a young woman dances behind a curtain.

Ronson and Diplo clap their hands above their hands while they perform in concert.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mark Ronson takes another shot at the bar. Diplo holds his laptop underneath his arm while he talks with the owner. The owner writes them out a check for $700 and asks if they are available next weekend. He says they are playing at a festival in New York and won’t be able to make it. The owner tells him his next spot isn’t for another six weeks. Diplo says they can perform again then. The owner enters it into the computer and says he’ll be in touch within about a month to confirm. Diplo walks out the office and continues to load up their Lyft.

Diplo chats with some fans at the electronica festival. Ronson mentions he’s exhausted. He’s been up all night for at least two weeks. Diplo shakes his head they’ve barely had any time. One of the fans, who has been following them around, says they may be able to get some sleep on the plane. Ronson says that’s what he plans to do once his head hits the seat. Diplo asks if they are going to be at the arena. A few of the fans say they are going home. A couple says they have tickets. Diplo says he’ll put them on the list. He says the other fans that he’ll add their names just in case their mind.

Ronson peeks out at the curtain and exclaims, “oh my God!” He adds that he thinks that at least thousands of people are out there. Diplo shakes his head and says he’s nervous. It’s their biggest show. Ronson calls his boss at office job and says he has to quit. Diplo takes a deep breath while the local radio DJ announces them to the crowd.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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