Video Review: Dev “In The Dark”

Against a black background, Dev wears oversized silver statement earrings as she sings.

Black-painted hands rise against a white background.

She sits on black-painted arms as the hands cover the private parts of her body.

People feel each other in a darkened club. A rattlesnake hisses.

Wearing a silver visor over her eyes, Dev stands by a black-painted metal structure with outstretched hands. The arms form a circle.

A tarantula crawls on the ground. She walks in field of black-painted arms, touching the fingers.

Against a black background, smoke fills the room as she touches her face.

She continues to dance in the club.

Rating: 3.5/5

There were at least 50 names. Dev couldn’t even remember a distinguishing feature from one of her partners. She was certain they knew nothing of her, either. The anonymity of the casual sex allowed a detachment of any emotion. Sometimes she seemed to recognize a gleam in a cashier’s eye or receive a knowing smirk from a local businessman. It was a secret they shared between them but kept from the outside world. On the hidden message boards on the internet, people asked a questions. Dev read them and didn’t try to answer.

While picking up her carryout order at a diner, she saw a ring on the bus boy’s finger and it flashed her back to the darkened room of the club. Dev knew the young man’s body. Although no one told their stories, she had suspected the man was struggling with who he was. The bus boy glared at her as he cleaned the table by the register. She receives a strange voicemail an hour later, telling her to forget.

It wasn’t really any fun. A spiked drink was the only way she could survive the night. It maintained her energy and let her create a new identity for herself. She was every one’s favorite who never broke a rule. The club was the one place that viewed her as good. In the shadows, the owner had granted her discounts and extended her privileges. She could do whatever she wanted.

On the message board, she types out an answer. Her cell phone beeps. She reads a text stating she’s banned from the club.

Director: Ethan Lader Year: 2011

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Pam Avoledo spends her time binge-watching classic teen dramas and stands firm in her pro-Leyton stance. She also received her journalism degree in 2006 from Oakland University. Her work has been published in the White Wall Review, Sledgehammer Lit ,Greatest City Collective & 45 Magazine . Fevers of the Mind, and forthcoming in Daily Drunk Mag\'s Kirstofia anthology.

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