Video Review: Little Mix & Nicki Minaj “Woman Like Me (Version 2)”

In black-and-white, Perrie points her cane to the floor. Jade snaps her suspenders. Leigh-Anne, wearing a pinstriped business suit, folds her hands into a fist. She sits on top of a chair. Jade takes off her jacket. Leigh-Anne brushes off her shoulders. Perrie holds her jacket over her shoulder. Perrie fixes her hair.

Jesy flexes her arm. Leigh-Anne shows off her watch and flexes her arm.

Jade sits in the chair. Perrie sits on the arm rest. Leigh-Anne and Jesy stand behind the chair.

Jesy throws punches. Jade lifts her shirt and pats her stomach.

A dog sits on the chair. Jesy raises her glass as she sits in the chair, takes a sip and spits it out.

The dog sits on his its hind legs.

Leigh-Anne flings her braids as she sits on the chair. Perrie rests her cane on her lap.

They sit by the chair again.

Rating: 5/5

The company was going out business. Jesy, Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne took them down with their sexual harassment lawsuit. They all had been propositioned by their managers and then fired after telling them no. Jade had cried in the bathroom stalls and was constantly written up for minor infractions. Leigh-Anne’s job was eliminated. Jesy had stood up for herself and was fired on the spot. Perrie was demoted and given less work.

They weren’t the only ones. Some women had performed the sexual favors. Others had been raped. Jesy couldn’t hide her shame anymore. She told Leigh-Anne. Leigh-Anne said she wasn’t alone. Jesy had them the company needed to be held accountable. Perrie suggested they find a lawyer.

Almost all the women had backed off, choosing not to participate in the lawsuit. Most of the women feared losing their current jobs. However, some preferred to move on and told them good luck with the fight. Jade, at one point, wanted to quit the case. It was taking an emotional toll on her. Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy helped her stay strong. Perrie’s husband had divorced her in the middle of trial. Leigh-Ann hadn’t been able to find another job. Jesy had gone back to school.

It changed their lives forever. Winning the case, though, was bittersweet. Perrie had loved the company and was blinded by management at first. However, she couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening anymore. She had been a part of the problem. She misses the company, though. It had been her first real job and introduced her to her best friends. However, she had to do the right thing, even though it had meant losing her job in the process. But she could sleep at night, knowing the managers couldn’t prey on other employees.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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