Video Review: Kool & The Gang “Fresh”

A line of people whisper into each other’s ears. People pass by the woman holding up the newspaper on the sidewalk. The headline reads: “The King Is Having A Ball!”

Kool and the Gang perform at the ball. A clock’s hand spins as J.T. sings.

On two metal swings, two young women eat as Cinderella cleans the floor. A marquee on the wall says “Ball Tonight!” The two young women see the sign and toss their sandwiches on the floor. They jump off the swings and look in the mirror. They walk away.

A fairy Godmother bites off some metal from her wand and rolls it on the floor. Cinderella stands up, wearing a gown. She crouches in the carriage as the the coachwoman whips the men to move faster. The two young women walk into the ball and wave hello the men. The men back off. Cinderella walks into the ball and a man takes off her puffy skirt. She dances in her bodysuit and walks down the stairs, staring into J.T.’s eyes.  She pushes the two young women out of the way and reaches for J.T.’s hand. J.T. holds her hand. She leaves the ball. J.T. picks up her shoe.

J.T. and several members of the band knock on people’s doors. Cinderella answers the door, wearing rags. She nods, saying it’s her shoe. The band members throw rice at J.T. and Cinderella as they ride off as a married couple in the carriage.

Kool and the Gang continue to perform.

Rating: 3/5

J.T. sips some water during the band’s break. He says he hopes the performance lands them a recording deal. There are some executives attending. The young women crowd the front of the stage. J.T gives them a polite hello and returns to singing. His father pulls him aside and tells him to try harder. J.T. says there is no he likes, much less want to marry.

J.T. bumps into Cinderella. He introduces himself and kisses her hand. She blushes and says she’s honored. He asks her if she would like to dance. They dance to a fast song as a crowd gathers around. Several women cry in the corners. The two young women demand another chance. They complain they were cheated and that other women in the bodysuit cut ahead. The Duke tells him the Prince has made their decision.

She leaves without saying goodbye. J.T. tells his band they have to find her. They knock on every door in the kingdom. The ladies of the households flirt with him and try to grab the shoe. A member of the band says they aren’t ever going to find her. J.T. says they have to keep going. He knocks the door and says it’s the last one for the month. Cinderella answers and says it’s hers. J.T. gives her a ring.

Cinderella becomes the peoples’ princess. She fights for the unions and child abuse. As a survivor, she says she had to find small reasons to be happy. A dove flying to her window in the tower. A brand new piece of fabric. The first day of spring. Her birthday became a national holiday. People wanted to remind her she was loved. J.T., though, handled investigations into the two young women who had lived with Cinderella. In front of the people, he pronounced their punishment of a 20 year jail sentence for their cruelty. They begged for mercy. However, the people demanded justice.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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