Video Review: Benny Blanco, Jesse & Swa Lee “Better To Lie”

Jesse stands by a stack of cardboard boxes and plays air guitar with the music. He sends it to Benny Blanco in a text. Blanco responds “asking for our vertical video” and jokes that he should give them the video. Jesse responds “HAHA” and considers it with “actually tho” and “wait.”

The Spotify app opens on his phone screen.  A notification on his iPhone lockscreen states that his friends are mentioning him on Instagram. He enters his passcode and watches the Sushitrash dance and sees fries in toliet. Blanco comments “delicious.” Cashmere Cat, with a Cat emoji over his head dances. He sends him laughing emojis. On Cloheyy’s video, she shakes her butt while an African-American dances on it.

The views from Jesse’s video go up on Instagram. Yungtaco sends him a video of cardboard cutout of Blanco popping up over his crotch. Yungtaco removes his towel. Blanco writes back that he’s “reporting him for nudity.” He likes his friends’ videos on Instagram.

Swa Lee smokes as he raps in his video. A notification appears from Apple News that “Robert Mueller recommends impeaching of President Donald Trump.” He reads a text from his manager, asking “Post Dance vid ASAP.” He sends a lobster emoji.

He films himself waving one hand over his head in his house.  As he posts it online, he receives an error that there’s no connection. He enters his Wi-Fi password. The phone rings and it’s Lil Dicky. Lil Dicky says four times “pretty good ending, huh?” Lil Dicky winks and says “the last one was pretty good.”

 Rating: 1/5

Benny Blanco scrolls through Instagram. There some promotion he needs to do for his new song. His manager sent him some ideas and asks him to send it whenever he can. That was a month ago. He had one of the most successful songs of his career. He’s over the album and wants to spend time redecorating his house.

In the group chat, Jesse says he’ll do the entire video. Swa Lee offers to do the other half. Lee says his manager would approve it. Blanco says everyone has to be in it. He tells them thanks, though. Jesse says he’ll send him whatever he has. Swa Lee says put up a post on Instagram, asking for people to contribute. It’ll can go viral and social media will do the most of the work.

Blanco calls up the marketing manager at the record company and runs the idea by them. In the Skype meeting, they say they’ll start the campaign right now. They instruct with each hashtag to use and then send the post to them. Blanco wants to know if he has to do anymore. The marketing manager says it depends on sales and momentum of the single. Blanco tells them goodbye.

Lil Dicky calls him and says he has a concept. It’ll be really funny and get him a lot of attention. He sends him an outline and storyboard. Blanco says he’ll take a look at it and tells him he’s a great friend. Lil Dicky gives him a thumbs up.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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