Video Review: Eden’s Crush “Get Over Yourself”

A young man turns on the light in his home. He puts the Eden’s Crush CD single into his player and presses the remote.

On television, lit in electric blue, Ivette, Maile, Ana Marie, Rosanna and Nicole stand on stage in silhouette. The stage lights up and they dance on white platform, wearing butterfly tops. While they dance, they get introduced with their names by them.

The young man’s friends come over and watch the video with him. The young man slaps his butt at the television. Ivette, Maile, Ana Marie, Rosanna and Nicole gasp as they watch him. Ivette slaps his butt. The young man leans back on the couch. Ana Marie, Rosanna, Nicole and Ivette laugh and point at the young men.

On the bedroom floor, they watch the young men dance in front of the television. They have a pillow fight. Maile laughs at one of the guys.

Wearing black outfits, they each take turns standing on a narrow hallway. They dance and grip the rails. They each close their eyes and crawl by the men in the family room. Nicole lies on one of the young man’s laps.

They walk to the front of the screen. Ivette turns off the television with the remote.

Rating: 2/5

Nicole smooths her mini-skirt and flips her hair in Ana Marie’s face. Ana Marie apologizes to her and asks if she wants to sit them at lunch. Nicole guffaws and shakes her head as she puts dressing on her salad. Ana Marie says they aren’t going to supposed it. It’s against their diet. Nicole takes bite and says she’s hasn’t eaten substantial in a week. She’ll have the dressing.

Ana Marie walks to the table and comments to Rosanna, Maile and Ivette that she’s concerned about Nicole. Rosanna takes a bite of her carrot and says she’s intimidated by everything right now. Nicole seems to just get it. Maile says that Nicole can barely stay awake, though. Ivette jokes she’s having so much fun. She wonders what they are going to do for their next single. Rosanna wants it slow down. Ana Marie pats her shoulder and tells her she’ll cover her if she slips out for a week. Maile says she felt weird pretending to kiss her guy in the video. She thinks he must’ve been only sixteen.

Travis walks into the room and tells them to get going. They still have a few more hours to go. Rosanna puts her head on Ana Marie’s shoulder. Nicole races to the front and says she wants to go first. Travis says they have already established the order. He tells Ana Marie to find her mark on stage. Ivette grabs a bag of chips. Travis tells her to put it back. Ivette waits for him to turn his back and sneaks it in her purse.

Directors: Travis Payne & Laura Kelly Year: 2001

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