Video Review: Blake Shelton “God’s Country”

Blake Shelton stands on a field with his hands on his hips while he watches the sun set in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

In black-and-white, a tornado spins in the field. A young man walks on the sand. Dust balls bounce around the bare field.

He sits in the stable and drives on the dirt road.

Back in black-and-white, a farmer throws a pile of dirt. A second farmer kicks the dry ground. A bug walks on the cracks of the ground.

Lightning strikes in the plum sky. He walks in the river and to a broken wooden fence.

In black-and-white, a young man covers himself with his coat as he walks through the storm.  Bending down in the water, he puts his hand in the river. He walks towards an abandoned stable.

A third young man pours gasoline on a tractor. A fire starts in the field and and engulfs the tractor in flames. Shelton tosses a rock into the lake and walks past a rattlesnake. He stands on a cliff and watches the waterfall. He picks up the dirt from the ground and lets it run through his fingers.

Rating: 4.5/5

Blake Shelton sweeps up the dirt inside the stable and puts it in the garbage can. He slides it to the back of his house. He sets the hay in two of the stalls for the horses. A horse licks his hands and he rubs its nose. He lets the horses out of the stalls and watches them run in the field.

The trembles have stopped. He can breathe. It was a tough few weeks. He had told his doctor he didn’t want to stay in a facility. His doctor recommended he find a quiet place away from any temptation. However, he has read the books. He has the magazines read several times from cover to cover.  Full bottles chill in the refrigerator.

He walks to the refrigerator and drains every bottle in the sink. His family deserves better. He has to be a good person for them. He has to make it a little while longer. The ranch has given him purpose. There is usually something that needs to be fixed. His girlfriend will be by tomorrow with her kids. Tomorrow will be much easier.

She has told him she won’t think any less of him if he enters a facility. However, he wants to fight on his terms. He’s done it before. She said she doesn’t want to see him suffer. It’ll cause her trouble, though. It’s been her secret, too. She has told they’ll figure out together. He doesn’t want her to deal with his issues any longer. She’s gone through enough with her ex-husband.

A drop of water falls on his shoulder. He glances up at the sky and sees its plum hue. He leads the horses back inside. It looks like it’s going to be a bad storm tonight.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2019

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