Video Review: SWV “Right Here (Human Nature Remix)”

Coko, Taj and Leelee ride horses on the trail. They stop and sit in the commons area. Two eight-year-old play music by the trees.

From the 1993 film, Free Willy, Willy jumps in the ocean.

Taj, Coko and Leelee fish by the lake. Two 5-year-old girls hold hands as they dance.

From the film, Willy swims in the ocean.

A 5-year-old girl runs on the beach. In the evening, Coko sits within the arch as a fire burns beside her.

Michael Jackson performs on stage during his tour.

The two 5-year-old girls hold hands.

Leelee, Coko and Taj continue to ride the horses on the trail.

Rating: 4/5

Leelee writes in her journal as she sits in one of the arches. Her last entry was a month ago. Usually, she set aside a time to write about her day. However, life got in the way and there were other things to do first. She reads the last entry and thinks she may have to change her negative outlook. She was stressed and overthinking about her job. However, she had made it through training.

Coko views the photography of the waterfalls within the nature reserve. She picks up a coffee table book featuring other work from the photography. The photographer had grown up in the area and had often spent most of the summers walking on the trail. She had explained she had traveled around the world and had won national awards for her work. However, the photographs from the trail were her favorite. Coko smiles as she looks through the book and sees pictures of the trail from a decade ago. She and her family visited the same parts. The park had changed so much over the years. Events had been added. She hopes once she has a family, they’ll be able to participate in the activities.

Taj asks the instructor about weaving the ribbon through the wreath. The instructor slides it through the pine needles. She thanks the instructor and adds some plastic pine cones to it. The young woman next to her tells her her wreath is really coming along. She says she wanted something simple to hang in the door of her home. The young woman says she’s going to be bringing in the wine for next week’s class. She says her painting is going to be mess once she starts drinking. Taj laughs, saying she’s interested in how her painting will turn out. She says she’s going to take some gardening classes next. The young woman says she learned a lot and says she saves money in grocery shopping now.

Director: Lionel C. Martin Year: 1993

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