Video Review: Meghan Trainor “Lips Are Movin”

Against an aquamarine background, the assistant hits the clapboard. Meghan Trainor waves as a stylist brushes her face. Someone spray paints the microphone red. She sings into the red microphone.

Two crew members carry cardboard lips to a striped backdrop against a sky blue background.

She sings on a canary yellow painted platform. Canary yellow painted spotlights hang from the ceiling as the director films.

She and several dancers perform in the front of the cardboard lips.

Against a bubblegum pink background, two crew members place a red lips couch on the floor. She dances in front of the couch.

Two male dancers dance by a teal sheet against the bubblegum pink background.

A stylist searches through outfits on her tablet. Trainor changes outfits with each tap on the screen. A crew member paints a sky blue staircase as two men carry ladders.

She kicks up her legs as she sits on the red lips couch.

Wearing a sequined cat minidress, she dances in front of the sky blue painted staircase. Two men take her hand and she turns them away.

Against the bubblegum pink background, a crew member places red lips on a silhouette of a face. She continues to sing.

As she sits on a chair, the stylists fix her hair. Her dog sits on the chair next to her.

On a stack of television screens, her lips sing the song.

Against the bubblegum pink background with the face silhouette, the two male dancers fight behind her as she sings.

The dancers warm up as the people roll carts of clothes to the other side of the room.

Against the teal background, the dog sits on the red lips couch. The male dancers do the “Thriller” dance against the bubblegum pink background.

By cascading rainbow lines, she and her dancers perform a routine.

As crew members throw confetti, she and the dancers jump around by three hanging pastel sheets. She hugs them.

Rating: 2/5

Meghan Trainor kisses her dog on the head as she walks into the studio. Two screaming fans call out to her. The two young girls tell her dog is so cute. She tells her bodyguard it’s okay. They ask for pictures. She poses for a picture with them on their phones. Her bodyguard opens the door for her as she walks into the studio.

She was actually famous. Her songs were in constant rotation on the radio. She couldn’t go out with her friends or parents without getting recognized. Her friends didn’t mind. However, her parents often asked the bodyguard to interfere. She told her parents it could ruin her career if she ignored her fans. Her mother said she’s allowed to have privacy and let the bodyguard set the boundaries.

At dance rehearsal, she and the dancers talk. One dancer says it’s his first dancing job. She tells him she’s still new to it but knows it’ll lead to other work for him. As she sips her water during a break, she reads her emails. She approves the selling of one on her songs. Scrolling through her bank app, she sees her deposited check and squeals. It’s the most money she’s made in her life. She buys herself a Cartier necklace and then adds a bracelet an hour later. She’ll be able to make up the difference within a few weeks once her album is out.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2014

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