Video Review: SZA, The Weeknd & Travis Scott “Power Is Power”

Lit in royal blue, The Weeknd watches a clip of Night King ride his horse from television show, Game of Thrones. As snow falls in Winterfell, he stands, lit in red, his back turned towards the battle. He closes his eyes as he sits on the Iron Throne, lit in emerald.

In a clip, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) stares up at the night sky.

Lit in emerald. SZA rises from the Iron Throne.

In a clip, Daenerys (Emilia Clark) rides her dragon. A dragon lands on the snow and breathes fire as it walks on the ice.

SZA sits by a ring of fire. She dances by the screen featuring clips of the dragons flying in the air.

In a clip, Jon Snow walks with Daenerys and pets his dragon. The dragon lands next to Daenerys. Daenerys closes her eyes.

Lit in red, SZA raises her hands as the dragon appears on the screen next to her. Travis Scott, lit in emerald, smokes as he sits on the Iron Throne. Scott stands on the mountain as lightning strikes in the emerald sky. SZA, wearing her crown, walks as a dragon breathes fire.

Rating: 2.5/5

The prophecy must be fulfilled. SZA begged The Weeknd not go to Winterfell. He told her he had a battle to fight. No one was going to survive. He had to try to stop the East Queen.. SZA tells him they can maintain the Iron Throne. However, it means they stay where they are. The Weeknd views the lost footage of the battle. He finally knew the truth. SZA didn’t know what was she was up against. Her entire kingdom could be annihilated within moments.

The Weeknd makes his annual visit to Winterfell to honor his fallen ancestors. They had rebuilt civilization slowly, their inventions going unnoticed in the upper regions of the country. Although Daeryns’ blood ran through his veins, he cursed her name and sought out to avenge the death of his people. The Princess of the East, though, would never love him in return. She had borne the child of another man and raised him as a lost prince.

Travis Scott had no interest in his royal lineage. He spent his days smoking and creating fires by the mountains. The threat of battle hovered over the land. SZA advised him not to go too far. However, he traveled into the East region, hoping to see his son. The Princess had allowed him entry and arranged for guards to pick him up. She often tells him that she thinks his brother, The Weeknd, is catching on. He has started asking questions. She says she’s going to have to limit the visits.

The Weeknd learns the truth through one of his spies once he returns to the Iron Throne. He lets out a furious scream and calls for his dragon. He points to the East. The dragon roars and flies towards the East. The East will belong to his family again.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2019

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