Video Review: Céline Dion “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”

Lightning strikes by a castle in Prague, Czech Republic. In the thunderstorm, a young man puts on his helmet and kickstarts his motorcycle.

Céline Dion lies on her canopy bed. She and the young man smile in a photo together in the frame.

While he drives on the road, he watches a tree catch fire and swerves his motorcycle. He slides on the road and falls under the tree. The tree explodes.

She sits up in bed and puts on her robe. A window flies open and she rushes to close it. She picks up the broken frame and touches the young man’s face. She combs her hair as she walks around the bedroom. The young man raises his hand in shadow. Looking into the floor length mirror, she sees the young man touching her hair. They kiss.

She opens the white painted doors and runs down the hallway. Walking past the music room, she views memories of her with him in the frames hanging on the wall. She kisses the shadow of the young man. The door flings open and she falls onto the floor, her hand on her forehead. The shadow of the young man holds a candle and rides off in his motorcycle in the hallway. She sits up on the floor and gets up.

Walking down the hallway, she picks up the candle on the floor. She runs through the house and sees him on his motorcycle. She sits on his motorcycle with him and strokes his hair. They sleep together by the fireplace.

She touches the floor length mirror and walks away.

She sits by the fireplace, holding the frame to her chest.

Rating: 4/5

His spirit was everywhere in the castle. A misplaced candle. Books falling from the shelf. The twinkling of the piano keys.  Céline Dion wishes she could take back what she said to him. She screamed at him he didn’t care if she was alive. He walked out the door, staying he needed some space. She told him not to come back.

He was found dead in a few hours. She had called her parents and couldn’t say a word. They said they were flying out there and to stay where she was. A breakdown followed and she had to stay the hospital for at least 6 months. Her therapist had said it wasn’t her fault. But the shame of her words wouldn’t go away.

Her parents urged her to move back home to Canada. She refused. The castle was the only thing she had of him. He seemed not to want to let go, either. She could feel him touch her shoulder and his breath on her ear. Knowing his spirit was around comforted her. He had forgiven her and believed their lives were unfinished.

Every morning, she opens the curtains and tells him good morning. As she plays the music, she asks for his opinion. She dances with him and cooks his favorite meals. A glass sits by the night stand. She had searched for a sign of him all day.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1996

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