Video Review: Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber “I Don’t Care”

Wearing a suit, Ed Sheeran sits by himself in an expensive restaurant. He sits at a table with some people as strips of animated aqua blue and pink drip down on the screen. He sits on a chair against a green screen. Sitting on a couch with a young woman beside him, he wears a panda suit.

Wearing a bathrobe, he sings into the karaoke machine as the screen behind him has a sky painted pink filled with hearts and a storm cloud with a municipal building in the corner. He sits by a hotel pool. Two women with donkey heads talk with their legs in the pool. Animated eyes bob in the sky. A animated shark swims in the ocean. Justin Bieber, in a banana suit, walks behind the bushes. Sheeran sits at the pool, wearing the panda suit. An animated rainbow is in the sky.

A young with an animated cat’s face hits the tennis ball. Bieber flies by on an animated carpet. Bieber holds a racket in the tennis court. An aqua hippo dances in the corner.

Sheeran, with a banana peel head, is Photoshopped onto a man’s head, driving a Ski-Doo on the water. Wearing an astronaut and panda suit, Sheeran floats in space. It changes to the animation from an 80s MTV commercial. A pink hippo dances.

A person in a teddy bear suit dances by the animated rainbow. Sheeran and Bieber sit on lounge chairs at the pool. Bieber sits in a chair in a high school gym and takes off the head of the teddy bear suit. The cheerleaders complete the pyramid next to him. Dressed as an ear of corn, he spins through an animated field. Wearing an ice cone suit, he stands in the road. He dances in a forest with a dinosaur from the Jurassic Park movies. A farmer eats in the field as Bieber dances in the corn outfit.

Bieber sits on a blanket in a park. Sheeran, wearing the panda suit, sits on a horse behind him. Wearing a silk robe, Bieber walks on the beach. In a painting, Sheeran. in a wedding dress, stands next to a 2010 cardboard cutout of Bieber. Sheeran’s head floats in an animated night sky. It multiplies across the screen.

Wearing cowboy outfits, Bieber and Sheeran dance by a car. A young woman watches the video on her laptop. In a panda suit, Ed Sheeran carries the head as he gets up from the chair and leaves the set. He walks in the parking lot, still in the suit.

Rating: 0/5

Ed Sheeran asks Justin Bieber about the TikTok app. His manager suggested it another platform to try. Bieber says he’s read about it and viewed some videos on it. Bieber shrugs, saying he doesn’t get it. Sheeran sips his beer and says he misses the good old days when it was only a few social media accounts.

Justin Bieber says that young people are showing up out nowhere from all these random websites and staying. Back when he first started, they would’ve been limited to Youtube after a single hit. Bieber shakes his head and says he’s going to be touring for the rest of his life. Kids aren’t buying albums right now.

Sheeran remarks that the record labels have forgotten about real talent. They are letting anyone be famous right now. Bieber says they though they are famous for being famous at this point. They can do still whatever they want. They have sold millions of albums between them. Sheeran nods, saying he has a point. However, he’s worried about his next album. Bieber tells him it’s going to be okay. He’ll still outsell everyone and be number one on the charts. He asks Bieber to be on his new song with him. Bieber says he doesn’t need him. Sheeran says they both need each other right now or nobody is going to care ever again. Bieber shrugs, saying “so what if people don’t care?” He says it could be the best thing for both of them. Sheeran says he’s worked too hard to only be famous for a couple years and then go away.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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