Video Review: Monifah “Touch It”

A helicopter flies over a United States Air Force base. The soldiers clap and wave signs stating “We Love Monifah.” The dancers wave from the helicopter as it lands on the stage.

Monifah and her dancers perform within a red, white and blue circle painted on the stage. One soldier sways with one hand on his chin as he watches from the front row.

She dances against a copper background.

A second soldier kisses a photograph of her. A third soldier puts his fist to his mouth.

Monifah slaps her butt on stage. Against the copper background, she blows a kiss.

The soldiers cheer in the full concert venue. A few soldiers rush to the stage and they are blocked. She crouches on the floor as she sings.

From the helicopter, she blows kisses to the soldiers as her dancers wave.

Rating: 3.5/5

Monifah says she can’t wait to meet all of them tomorrow. She thanks the soldiers for being a great audience. She tells them she’s grateful for their service. As she and the dancers leave the stage, they cheer for one more song. “Touch It!” they shout over and over.

Backstage, her manager asks her what she wants to do. They say they do have some extra time. She says she’ll perform it again. However, she wants to give her dancers a break. Her manager says he’ll let them know it’ll be another fifteen minutes.

Monifah goes out on stage again. She says she couldn’t say no and performs the song for the second time. After finishing the song, she waves and tells them they’ll be here another day. She walks off stage and kicks off her heels. She changes out of her red dress and into jeans and a t-shirt.

The next day, she heads to the convention center with the other entertainers. She talks with the soldiers who wait to speak to her. One young man tells him he enlisted right after high school and that she’s his favorite singer. A second soldier shows her pictures of her family. She searches the female soldiers but sees none.

During soundcheck, she takes time to speak with soldiers to invited to it. They ask her about the process and all the places she’s been. She gives them front row tickets and tells them to enjoy the show as she leaves. She heads back to the hotel and has dinner with the other entertainers. She packs up her suitcases and walks onto the plane for the next spot on the tour.

The USO leg of the tour was added last minute. She had originally scheduled a vacation. It would be her first real one in months. However, she wasn’t sure what was going to happen with her career. She didn’t realize she was popular enough to be asked. However, the USO told her they have been receiving requests for her. It was for a good cause. She told them yes right away.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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