Video Review: Arrested Development “Mr. Wendal”

Speech smiles at the camera. Headliner looks down. Dionne Faris stares right ahead/ Baba Oje looks to the right and then to the left.

An 8-year-old boy runs in the field with his dog.

Speech moves his head up and down as he sits in a barn.

Dionne stands with her arms crossed as she stands in an apartment building. Headliner sits on the sidewalk and paints. Dionne sits by the bathtub.

A man holds a sign that reads: “At this cot I’m the prophet” and shakes a can.

Headliner paints in the middle of the street.

The man drives the grocery cart of his stuff on the sidewalk.

Arrested Development walks in the field.

Rating: 2/5

Speech says they have to do something for the homeless man. He has gotten to know him. Headliner suggests a fundraiser. Dionne says they could help him find a job. Baba Oje says that he’ll pray for him. They talk about the number of homeless people they see in the city.

Speech gives the man a few dollars as he passes him by. The homeless man asks if he knows anything about a job. Speech says he has to go to work but they’ll talk later. Headliner calls for a few places to host a spaghetti dinner. Headliner says he’ll check about the available dates. However, Headliner’s art gets chosen to be in an exhibition and he forgets. Dionne starts to find leads for herself and goes on interviews.

Speech walks by the homeless man’s spot and notices he’s gone. He walks into the store and asks if the clerk if he knows anything. The clerk says the homeless man died. Speech stares at the counter while he hands the clerk the money. He stares at the homeless mans’ spot as he walks home.

Director: Keith Ward Year: 1992

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