Video Review: Kat DeLuna & Busta Rhymes “Run The Show”

Against a black background, two men play drums.

Kat DeLuna stands by yellow flashing lights.

Busta Rhymes raps against a navy blue background. She smiles as she dances next to him.

Against the black background with a red border, she walks on a man’s back in high heels.

Wearing a yellow dress, she sits on a black couch.

She sits up with her feet up at her desk in her mustard yellow painted office.

Wearing a white crop top and pants, she and her dancers perform against a black background. In a black leather jacket and pants, she and her dancers continue to the routine against a charcoal background. The backgrounds rotate.

She dances against the black background with a navy blue border on the bottom.

Against a red background, she sits on two oversized speakers.

Against the charcoal background, a man fans DeLuna as she sits on a white chair.

Wearing sunglasses, she sits in the backseat of a car.

Against the navy blue background, she and Busta Rhymes salute one another.

The backgrounds continue to rotate as she and her dancers continue the routine.

Rating: 2/5

Kat DeLuna shops for clothes online while at work. She receives an email from her father, the CEO, who tells her they are waiting on her in a meeting. She groans as she gets up from her desk. She walks into the meeting and heaves a sigh as she takes a seat. She doodles in her notebook as her father talks. Her dad asks her goals for her team. She says improving performance with further training. It’s her usual answer. Her father asks for details. She goes into her usual spiel and continues to doodle once her turn is over.

She emails her team that she’s going home early and instructs her driver to take her to the bar. Her driver raises his eyebrows. Folding her arms across her chest, she asks him how’s his kid is doing in college. He looks away and answers fine. She stares out the window and changes into another outfit.

While at the bar, she talks with some of her friends and ignores them once she sees someone famous. She flirts with Busta Rhymes and tells him she’s not made for the working world. However, her dad wants her to build character. Rhymes she’ll find something better soon. She laughs and says it’s her dad’s company and that’s not going to happen. Rhymes says he’s leaving for a tour next week and she’s welcome to come. She asks him for information. She texts her father and says she’s taking a week off work. Rhymes says it’s going to be fun. She says she has so much to pack and that she has to get home. On her phone, she dials her driver and asks him to pick her up.

Director: Ray Kay Year: 2008

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