Video Review: Louis Tomlinson “Two of Us”

In black-and-white, Louis Tomlinson plays the piano in his apartment. He sits on his couch. While sitting at the dining table, he looks up and smiles. He walks around the apartment and glances out the window.

In studio, her performs with his band.

Back at home, he plays guitar as he sits on the couch. He continues to play the piano.

Rating: 4/5

Louis Tomlinson asks his aunt if the sauce needs any seasoning. Over Facetime, his aunt tells him to add a bit more oregano. She tells him she came across some pictures of him with his sister and put them aside if he would like them. He glances at the counter and answers to save them for him. He pours the sauce into the bowl and says he’s been missing his mom and sister a lot lately. His aunt offers to stay with him. He says it’s okay but he’ll be fine. His aunt says he’s welcome to come over at anytime. He says work has been keeping him busy. His aunt tells him to take care and that she’ll check in with him again tomorrow.

Work, though, seems to not to be enough. He asks his manager why he isn’t doing any promotional work. His manager tells him they aren’t scheduling anything until they know he won’t fall apart. He shakes his head and tells him sitting at home isn’t helping, either. He explains he has too much time to think. His manager pats him on the shoulder and says he’ll touch base with his media contacts.

Turning off the stove, he puts dish on the kitchen table and sobs as he eats. He can’t believe his mother and sister are both gone. Sometimes he wish he would’ve been him instead. They were biggest supporters. On tour, they kept him company by texting and calling him all the time. His mom apologized for the numerous voicemails. His sister shared funny memes she found on the internet. He scrolls through his phone and reads old text messages from them.

He cover his sauce and puts it in the refrigerator. He texts his aunt that he’s heading over.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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