Video Review: Tony! Toni! Toné! “It Never Rains (In Southern California)”

In the evening, D’wayne talks to his girlfriend on the phone. His girlfriend, in her pajamas, carries the rotary phone with her as she walks around the house in the morning.

In black-and-white, D’wayne, Raphael, and Timothy sing and clap. Raphael plays the guitar by himself.

Lit in electric blue, D’wayne takes a shower. Lit in burned orange, his girlfriend takes a bath. Back in electric blue, both she and D’wayne lie on their beds. He dreams of her, lit in burned orange, sitting on his lap and kissing him. Raphael and Timothy perform under royal blue spotlights off to the side.

Back in royal blue, D’wayne hails a taxi. He opens the jewelry box and looks at the ring as he sits in the backseat. While the plane flies in the air, he stares out the window. He smiles as he gets off the private plane and sees his girlfriend. They hug as Raphael and Timothy watch with their girlfriends. He gets in her Jeep and watches the wind blow through her hair as she drives.

As the sun sets, he proposes. She hugs him and they kiss.

Rating: 4/5

D’wayne writes his speech in his notebook. He asks Timothy and Raphael for their opinions. Timothy says it sounds like it came from his heart. Raphael suggests taking out a line. D’wayne says he’s going to ask his girlfriend on their time off. They wish him good luck.

During the flight, he thinks that he might say no. It’s a possibility. They haven’t seen each other in 6 months. The long-distance relationship has lasted for over a year. He goes over the last conversation, trying to pick up nuances and parsing meaning from the casual phrases.

Once he gets off the plane and sees her face, he knows her answer. At the beach, he tells her she’s the only one for him. She’s been patient with him and adjusting her schedule to talk him, even if it’s early in the morning. He says he’d like her to be his wife. She throws her arms around him and says yes.

Back at her house, he starts to make arrangements to send some of her things to his apartment. He kisses her as he talks on the phone with the realtor. She snuggles next to him as they watch television and says she can’t wait to tell their parents. He laughs, saying his mom is going to be asking about when her first grandkid is going to arrive.

Director: Lisa Bonet Year: 1990

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