Video Review: Mandy Moore “Crush”

Mandy Moore performs with her band in her apartment. One of her band members whispers to her and she laughs. A young man knocks on her door. She opens the door as he leaves and sinks into the floor.

She sits up in bed and watches the young man sleep next to her. She lifts up his leg and steps over his arm. She hits with a pillow and jumps on the bed. Sitting on the recliner by the bed, she stares at the ceiling and tips over.

She lands on by a wall painted with aqua spirals. The spirals move as she glances at the wall. The floor closes in on her as sends her inside a house. Inside a house, she sits on a couch and laughs as she looks through a scrapbook. Two chimpanzees jump on the couch and she giggles. She takes candy from a bowl as the floor lowers.

Opening the leaf curtain, she peeks inside the room. She takes a bath and puts her head underwater. The fish swim back and forth in the aquarium in her apartment. She continues to perform with her band.

She feeds her fish and heads out of her apartment. The young man stares at her as she walks in the hallway. She grins to herself.

Rating: 2.5/5

Mandy Moore winces in the bathroom. She almost let it slip that she likes him. He had to ask her to clarify what she meant. She explained it away as casual, He nodded his head and responded it makes sense. She puts her hands on the sink and stares into the mirror. His girlfriend is the sweetest person. They’ve known each other since grade school. Telling him how she much she cares about him would end several friendships.

Her best friend tells her he spends more time with her with his own girlfriend. She explains that his girlfriend hardly talks to them anymore and adds that she thinks his girlfriend has found someone else. Moore says she doesn’t want to cause any drama. Her best friend at some point she has to think about herself and her needs. Her best friend says if things get weird, it wasn’t a genuine friendship to begin with.

Moore sits next to him at night and asks if he can talk. He sits up in bed and turns on the lamp. He asks her what’s wrong. She stares at the blanket as she tells she loves him and has for a while now. However, she can’t pretend anymore. She apologizes for it being awkward and says they can just forget she said anything. He puts his hand on her chin and tells her he’s been waiting to hear those words from her and kisses her.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2001

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