Video Review: MAX & Quinn XCII “Love Me Less”

A shirtless MAX sits on the bed as his girlfriend, Jane picks up the empty pizzas in the room. She yells at him about the mess.

He sits on the toilet. In the family room, he puts his arms around a giant stuffed monkey. Tiny stuffed monkeys lie in a pile next to him, He stands in the hallway with framed photos of himself on the wall.

Jane opens the bathroom door and sprays as he sits on the toilet. She burns one of the photos from one of the frames in the hallway. She holds a magnifying glass over her mouth.

Quinn XCII stands by daisy patterned wall. In the kitchen, he breaks bananas while MAX drops them in the blender. He sits on the couch and plays video games with MAX. Jane turns off the television. She throws a glass of water at MAX in the kitchen. Jane stands on the porch while his parents wave goodbye to her. MAX closes the door.

MAX opens the door. His dad holds up a sign, stating “Welcome Back Emily.” Emily smiles and gives him flowers. She pops up behind the couch and feeds him a piece of pizza. Quinn XCII sits next to him. She rubs his shoulders on the bed. He offers a slice of pizza and she takes a bite. She brings a candle into the bathroom while he sits on the toilet. She samples the smoothie in the blender and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Emily breaks a photo of him with Jane and hangs up a picture of them together on the wall. She plays video games with him. MAX opens the door and sees Jane with Quinn XCII. MAX shuts the door.

Rating: 1.5/5

A lifelong friendship with Quinn XCII had to end. MAX had to choose. It was either Emily or Quinn XCII. Emily hadn’t made an ultimatum, though. She had smiled at him and told him he could do whatever he wanted. However, Quinn XCII would only cause trouble. Quinn XCII was dating his ex-girlfriend, Jane. Emily hated Jane, although she never said it. Emily preferred to think of their time off together as a sabbatical from relationships for both of them. As far as she knows, Max was celibate and Jane helped with the rent.

However, he and Jane slept together the entire time. He moved her in after Emily had left. She became a part of his family. However, he often complained to his parents of how Jane was holding him accountable and expecting him to be take care of the house. His parents let her know her place with passive aggressive jabs during holiday dinners.

He and Emily kept in contact, though. Emily told him she was coming home next week. He kicked out Jane. His parents loved Emily. Emily let him do whatever he wanted. He could leave the house and sleep with someone else. In the morning, he could walk in and not receive any questions from her. She still gave him a kiss on a cheek and a plate of scrambled eggs. It was comfortable and simple.

Director: Drew Kirsch Year: 2019

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