Video Review: Bazzi “Paradise”

Bazzi, wearing a navy blue suits, stands on a platform in the forest. Musicians sit on boxes next to him, navy blue pantyhouse covering their heads. He moves his arms and they stop playing.

In a dark room, Bazzi brushes back his girlfriend’s hair. Another couple kisses.

Bazzi and his girlfriend, both in denim, stare into another’s eyes as they float in the air.

In the midnight blue lit room, he drinks from a glass during a party.

While two young women sit on the pavement, he jumps into the pool. The women float in the pool. He picks up his glass and looks through it.

In the pouring rain, he and his girlfriend wear white t-shirts and hold hands.

Back at the party, he rolls a joint and licks the paper. They both exhale. He takes a drink. They kiss underneath the sheer navy blue sheet.

He and his girlfriend cuddle as they watch a ballerina perform in the home.

A glass fills with blue liquid.

He stands by himself in the forest, wearing the white t-shirt.

Rating: 2.5/5

Bazzi searches for a glass of the blue liquid at the party. He takes the small sip of what’s left. For 30 seconds, he is in the forest with his girlfriend, holding. He asks the bartender if he knows if he has any of the blue drink. The bartender cleans some glasses and says he hasn’t heard of it. The bartender asks him if he’s okay and should call someone. Bazzi tells him no and blinks as he walks to the party.

Standing in the center of the room, he sees people dancing. He peeks at their glasses. One young woman snatches her glass her away. On the table, he looks through the glasses and sees a faded spoonful. He drinks and the room splits into two. To the right, his girlfriend leans on his shoulder while people continue to dance on the right.

The blue liquid seemed to be in short supply. Only a select few knew about it. There should’ve been much more. He only was able to have one cup. With each glass, he was able to live within a dream. However, he has been noticing physical side effects. His vision has become blurry. Sometimes he isn’t certain he’s in the dream or sitting on his couch watching a television show. Living the dream was preferable these days, though.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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