Video Review: Keri Hilson & Timbaland “Return The Favor”

On a series of monitors a clip plays from the Timbaland and Keri Hilson’s “The Way I Are.”  Timbaland presses a button and sits by the desk. He puts on headphones and watches Hilson in the room.

Hilson lies in a white rectangle cutout on the wall.

Sitting in a chair, Timbaland watches Hilson on a theater screen, lit in cornflower blue.

She sits on a chair in the white room. She walks to the microphone and sings into it. She bends down, taking the two microphone stands with her. She sings into two microphones. The white painted security cameras follow her as she moves around the room.

A lime and neon pink silhouette outlines her body as she dances.

Wearing a pink bra and skirt, she dances in a mirrored room. She raises her hands as she rises in a pool inside a darkened room. The lights as she stands in her one-piece swimsuit. She splashes her arms in the water.

Wearing a black bra and pants, she and several dancers perform a routine on a flooded floor.

Back in the white room, she falls asleep in the chair.

Timbaland continues to watch her on the theater screen.

Rating: 3.5/5

Timbaland writes down notes as he watches the monitor. His pop creation, Keri Hilson still needs some work. The fashion designers, though, received high marks. In the violet bodysuit, she was creative office worker who changed outfits in the bathrooms while headlining at the lounge on the weekends.

He switches the dexterity controls for her limbs. She seemed uncertain of her dancing. Although she understood choreography, her arms and legs were stiff. He sends an email to the manager of choreography stating they will be on overtime.

The vocal coaches request an afternoon with her. The manager says they want to go over the scales. They state some tweaks need to be made, though. Timbaland denies the request and tells them he’ll file their reviews. He contacts the media team, alerting them she’ll have to take their training class.

Timbaland tells her “good job!” and tells her he’ll be back after lunch. As he leaves the control room, two other young women, dressed in denim, walk in and talk with her. They chat about their progress. Hilson says think she’ll be outside of the laboratory soon. One of the young woman believes she’ll be a pop star. The second young woman says she was chosen to be a background singer. Hilson pats her arm. The daily studies could be brutal. Depending on the team in charge, the feedback could be encouraging or heartbreaking. Hilson preferred the fashion team. They seemed to be working in her best interest.

Director: Melina Matsoukas  Year: 2008

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