Video Review: Cherie “I’m Ready”

Pastel butterflies blend together, their colors forming a street. From the window, Cherie watches cars leave the parking lot and drive on the street. She sits by her vanity and stares into the mirror.

She stands by a blue wall splattered with red painted limbs of a tree. The red paint from the wall drips onto the steel barricades of the businesses. She leans against the steel barricade. Thick gobs of paint in yellow and pink spray on the steel barricade. The yellow paint spills, forming a field of dandelions.

She holds a dandelion by her shoulder and lies in the field. She blows on the dandelions. The white fuzz flies in the air and becomes stars in the sky. She dances with her friends in a parking lot.

In an alley, she walks by several burning garbage cans.

She smiles as she frolics in the ocean and runs her hands through the sand. She stands knee-deep in the water and walks by the shore. A lavender butterfly flies above the water and flies by the window of her apartment. She meets her boyfriend by the door.

Rating: 2/5

It was the third date. Cherie checks her lipstick in the mirror and changes outfits three times. He was going to be over in a few minutes. She reads over the texts he sent to her. He was a really sweet guy. Her parents would love him.

She sits back in her chair and feels the butterflies in her stomach. It was real. Her friend was right. She was falling in love. Although it had taken some convincing. Her friend assured her he wasn’t the type to lie and leave without a word. She talked to him at the party and exchanged phone numbers.

She hadn’t expected much on the first date. It was either love at first sight or friendship within an hour of spending time together. However, she realized her feelings for him were growing. She hadn’t let herself be in love for a few years. A bitter ending to a long-term relationship had caused her to be diligent in focusing on herself. But there was only so many trips she could take on her own.

While in the car, he asks her what they are. She sidesteps it, stating she thinks they get along well. He says he’s been telling his friends she’s his girlfriend and wants to know if it’s all right. She smiles and tells him she’s okay with it.  She laughs and says she slipped while talking with their mutual friend earlier in the day. She adds she hasn’t said the word boyfriend in a couple of years. He tells her they can go slow. She squeezes his hand and tells him about her day at work.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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