Video Review: Martin Garrix, Macklemore & Patrick Stump “Summer Days”

A sixtysomething woman opens up the window of her home in a middle-class neighborhood and smiles as she feels the breeze on her face. She takes a bath and puts on her pink unicorn slippers. Wearing a red gown, she touches her collarbone.

Walking out of the house, the mailman jaw drops as he sees her. Sweat drips from his glasses as he watches her walk on the sidewalk. She waves hello to her neighbors and a little baby, who pouts with a spot of sweat on his forehead.

Martin Garrix  sits up in the convertible and wipes his forehead as he sees her walk across the street. She walks into Boy In The Castle High School. During an art class, Macklemore paints as he’s drenched in sweat. She takes off her dress. The students stare at her, their mouths open wide. One female student dabs her face with a tissue.

A young man squirts water from his hair as he watches the sixtysomething woman walk past them on the sidewalk. He puts his sandwich back on the plate and turns to his girlfriend.

Patrick Stump sweats and takes a deep breath while she sits in the back of his taxi. She opens the door of the taxi and water floods the street. He takes another deep breath as he turns.

Rating: 5/5

The scars from the radiation had faded on her chest. The sixtysomething touches them with her manicured nails The chemicals in her body rendered her fingers numb. The cancer had almost killed her. Her doctor had told her if she had made the appointment a month later, she would’ve been saved.

She puts on her favorite red gown. Sometimes, she wore it around the house. It was a gift to herself after the doctor told her she was in remission. She let her hair grow out and dyed it blonde. The hairdresser advised her she was a strong woman. She said as twentysomething she wore skirts and put her hair up in a bun. Her diagnosis reminded her there was no such thing as age appropriate. She had lived life by the rules and had nothing to show for it. The remission had given her a second chance at life. She was going to do whatever she wanted.

On a Saturday night, she goes out on a date with a fiftysomething man who tells her she’s beautiful. The server compliments her on her gown. She excuses herself from the table and answers a call. The modeling agency was able to line up her jobs for a month. She had her choice of clothing stores and a possible advertising campaign. She returns to the table and tells her gentleman friend she’s happy to be with him.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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