Video Review: The Ting Tings “We Walk”

At night, Jules, in a neon green t-shirt, plays the piano in a park. Katie, in tight pink leather pants and a feather boa top, jumps from the piano, paused in mid-air.  Jules bends and flies, also paused.

A dog sniffs the ground, passing the multiple Katie and Jules frozen leaps in the air.

Katie walks past the multiple paused versions of them. A paused version of Katie turns and spins turns towards her with a pink ribbon. One version of Jules falls onto the ground. Another version of herself crouches on the ground. Lavender lasers flicker as she continues to walk.

She stops at a tree and puts her hands on her hips. Several dancers move their arms as they stand in the park.

Wearing a striped shirt, Katie stands next to Jules.

Katie dances by the bubblegum pink lasers.

She passes by a man in a suit dropping boxes. Katie and Jules walk towards scattered sheets of paper in the air.

Katie and Jules stand by crystal clear flower lights.

Katie leaps by lime green laser lights and freezes mid-air. A man falls from a ladder. Cardboard boxes land on the grass.

Jules and Katie open an emergency exit door and return to the park.

A group of people fall one by one.

Katie freezes as she walks. The versions of Katie and Jules in the path return to frozen in their places.

Jules plays the piano, in the neon green t-shirt while Katie steps off of it.

Rating: 1/5

Katie turns up the music in the park. She dances in the middle of the night. Jules suggests maybe they should leave. He thinks he saw a police car. She says she doesn’t care. Under the lights, Jules draws in his notebook on the basketball court.

Katie feeds a stray dog in the park and says she’s going to bring him home. The dog sits beside her and licks her hand. She says she’s going to volunteer at a animal rescue. Jules shakes his head at another one of her ideas. Katie says she might go back to school, too. Jules studies his drawing.

She puts a leash on the dog and walks with the dog. Jules lifts his head up and watches her. He tells her to be safe. She shields her eyes from the glowing light as the dog barks. She asks him, “what’s wrong, boy?” The police emerges from the shadow and tells her to leave. Katie bats her eyelashes and says her dog had to go the bathroom. The police officer tells her to go home now. She walks away in a huff and calls out for Jules, saying they received a warning.

Director: Ben Ilb Year: 2009

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