Video Review: Cascada “Dangerous”

Natalie listens to her boyfriend talk as she sits on the bed.

Wearing a black dress, she stands by gold and patterned wall.

He puts on his jacket and kisses her on the cheek. On the nightstand, she picks up the tickets and holds them up to him. He takes them and leaves, the duffel bag over his shoulder. She flips through a magazine and smiles.

She gets off the bed and sits at her desk. She pulls up the laptop and views footage of him meeting up with another man. He slaps the other man’s arm and they drive off in their cars.

He drives to the bar and puts his arm around a young woman. She holds his hand and they walk around the home. She hands him a drink at the counter. He glances over his shoulders as he walks downstairs with her. In the bedroom, they fall onto the bed and kiss.

Natalie arrives to the house and gives her key to the valet. She sits on a wooden counter and walks with her drink to the kitchen. In the bedroom, her boyfriend checks to see if the young man is sleeping. He removes the painting from the wall and opens the safe. He takes out a necklace. Natalie walks downstairs. As he walks out, he puts the necklace inside his jacket.

Natalie pats his jacket and puts her fingers on his lips. She shoves him on the bed and takes off his jacket. She leads him into the second bedroom. She leans in to kiss and pulls back. He lies on the bed and rubs his hand over his face. He knocks on the door and sees the open window. Cursing out loud, he runs back to the bedroom and checks his jacket.

While leaving the house, she touches the necklace around her neck. The valet hands her keys. She gets into her car and winks.

Rating: 5/5

Natalie talks with a young socialite. She compliments her on her bracelet. The socialite giggles and tells it’s a vintage Chanel, handed down from her great-great-grandmother. Natalie excuses herself and tells her she has to go the bathroom. She takes out her cell phone and starts taking pictures. She touches the wall and listens for the creaks on the floor. She sends a text message to her boyfriend, telling him she found them a new job.

On her laptop, she fast forward through the security footage in her home. He has been leaving at times. She zooms in on a phone number on his cell phone. She searches for it online. However, the information she finds that it’s unlisted.

She contacts one of her friends and says her boyfriend has become a liability. They have to put Plan B in place. Her friend says that it may not be the solution. If he’s involving anyone else, it’ll lead back to them. Natalie says she’ll send her the video footage and sees if she catch anything she missed.

Her friend sends her a text, stating that their new plan is a go. Natalie turns on the television and sees a breaking news report. Her boyfriend has been arrested for the robberies into several homes. Natalie eats her ice cream and smirks.

A loud voice bellows “Police! Open up!” She drops her carton and curses. She races to get the laptop and it drops on the floor. The police kick open the door and she puts her hands up in the air.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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