Video Review: Lizzo “Boys”

In black-and-white, Lizzo, wearing a leopard print bra and robe, walks into the dressing room. Some of her friends, dressed in the same outfit, clap along with her.

She stands by the Music Wall in Minneapolis, Minnesota and dances. A young woman dances near a car parked by the mural.

She walks up the stairs of a building, in her bra and robe and joins her friends in the men’s bathroom. They face the urinals and then dance.

Nine squares of young man’s faces fill the screen.

She sits on a chair in the studio, her hair styled in a beehive with a flower in it. A young woman dances beside her.

She sits naked on the floor, one hand over her breast.

At the Music Wall, she plays air guitar.

While standing at the balcony inside the building, she fans herself with her hand.

Lizzo and the young men, all wearing Lizzo 20/20 sweatshirts, dance by the dock of the building.

A shirtless young man leans against the wall and brushes a rose across his face. She stands by him.

She continues to stand by the Music Wall.

Rating: 5/5

Lizzo fluffs her hair in the mirror and puts on lipstick. The young man in the bed rolls over in his sleep. She finds her shorts and bra top on the floor. She puts on her clothes and blows the young man a kiss. While walking down the stairs, she puts on her sunglasses and waves to the doorman. The doorman smiles at her. Glancing over her shoulder, she puts her sunglasses on her nose and winks at him. The doorman puts his hand over his heart.

In the diner, she orders a stack of pancakes. The female server raises her eyebrows and Lizzo gives her the side-eye. A twentysomething man in the booth next to her tells her to ignore the server. Lizzo turns around and says she’s not worried. She could clock the bitch and not get a bruise. He asks her if she ate ever the grits. She shakes her head. He puts some on his fork and feeds it to her. She moans and exclaims it’s delicious. He says they can share. She tells her server “bye bitch” and sits with him.

She thanks the young man for breakfast. A gay young man texts her that she’s expected at the show tonight and saving the ones for his performance. She responds that she wouldn’t miss his performance and that she’ll clap for him so loud, it’ll embarrass him. He sends her a couple laughing emojis and says he’s dating a new guy. She asks for a picture. He sends her one of her boyfriend shirtless. She responds that he’s doing well for himself. He texts that he’ll see her later. She unlocks the door of her apartment and sees her ex-boyfriend sitting on the couch. She puts her hands on her hips and points to the door.

Director: Quinn Wilson & Andy Madeleine Year: 2018

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